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Sunday, August 7, 2011

"Very, very, very, very grim" news for I-5 bridge

The new debt deal means that federal pork for transportation projects is going to be more scarce than it has been lately. Rep. Peter DeFazio from Blugene thinks it could spell curtains for the proposed replacement of the interstate bridge on I-5 between Portlandia and the 'Couv. If only it were the death knell for the insane Mystery Train to Milwaukie -- but nothing kills that zombie. A quarter-billion of lottery money is about to be poured down a Tri-Met rat hole.

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Time for the "visionaries" to realize:

(a)the jams crossing the Columbia are not on the bridges, but are on I-5, between the bridges and I-84. Maybe they could fix that?

(b)if there eventually is a need for more ROW capacity crossing the river (there isn't now, and is not going to be for the foreseeable future 25 - 30 years)knocking down and replacing the current spans is not the solution. Additional spans, west of the present spans, of one or two 4 lane structures will suffice. There is no actual need to tear down two spans which function well.

"Proponents of a replacement say the nation can't afford the delays and risk at a critical transportation link: I-5 from Mexico to Canada is the economic spine of the West Coast"

I asume that means they are all for fixing I-5 to 3 lanes thru the Rose Quarter?

$130M down the toilet.

We said it before....we say it again: "WEST SIDE BYPASS"

(I see Steve is also allergic to weasel words.)

"Proponents of a replacement say the nation can't afford the delays and risk at a critical transportation link: I-5 from Mexico to Canada is the economic spine of the West Coast, not only moving goods and people but also serving as a magnet for new jobs."

Ahem. And what, pray tell, was I-205 and the Glenn Jackson bridge for?

They all must think...er, know we are (mostly) idiots.

In related news, it looks like the muni bond sector is about to get downgraded as well. Say goodbye to cheap debt, Portland -- and your fellow spendthrifts too...


Here and I was hoping to finally get waste and recycling bins in every color of the rainbow:


Yeah this is real funny and typical.
The proponents have the gall to use concern about the "transportation link: I-5 from Mexico to Canada is the economic spine of the West Coast" when essentially every stakeholder involved from Sam Adams to Tim Leavitt, TriMet and Metro et al are RailVolution alumni who behind the scenes lecture about never expanding road capacity with any project. Esecially this one. It's been their mission from day one.
Along the way they have zero concern for how the money is spent or how much it is.
Not one of them has called for independent auditing of the CRC which has devoured $140 million to date without any central accounting to show where it went. They do not care.

However, the more immediate concern is for the Milwaukie Light Rail $750 million federal funding match. TriMet, Clackamas County and the rest of the JPACT partners are sweating bullets over the increasing vulnerability of that federal match. The turmoil in Clackamas County, among other fatal flaws in this outrageous $1.5 billion light rail project has reached the congressional transportation committee (and others) who are chomping at the bit for projects to de-fund. I'll predict they soon find Milwaukie Light Rail too good a target to resist.

Then there is the Lake Oswego Streetcar. Same story there. Another insane project and big coincidence the identical officials, interests and small minority are pushing it as well.

The officials, staff & proponents of these 3 projects have tried telling the same old lies over and over again and now they are turning ugly in their panic.

If the I-5 bridge, Milwaukie Light Rail, Lake Oswego Streetcar, Powell Light Rail and Tigard Light Rail could all be chopped down in one fell swoop, and TriMet/Metro be told to cease ALL work on these projects for a minimum of ten years (including termination of any employees who are dedicated to these projects which is not an insignificant number of people), that would be a great thing for our region.

The roof is leaking and the foundation is crumbling. Now is not the time to be building a rec room, expanding the garage for the new RV, adding a swimming pool and a tennis court, and installing a home theater. We have enough projects in our region that are vital maintenance needs - focus on them instead of more light rail that only benefits developers and the "I'm too good to ride a bus so I'd rather drive a SUV than be green but the second a train comes down my neighborhood I'll criticize any SUV owner as the devil's own son" crowd.

This is the best news I've had all week.

What do you mean? This is great news for the I-5 bridge, bad news for the Porkmeisters who salivate at the thought of tearing down two serviceable spans and building a gargantuan span in their place, a Spanish that absolutely will not solve even a tiny bit of the stated problem (which only proves that the only problem being attacked for real is the lack of pork into the Porkmeisters' gaping maws).

All I know is that my liberal friends will be ecstatic if Clark County doesn't get this additional road capacity. They have been fighting this thing tooth and nail. In their view it was nothing but a sellout to the Clark County developers.

Maybe it's time for the Grand Poobahs to seriously consider Crandall's "Common Sense Alternative."

Start with Step One of the Common Sense Alternative - upgrade the Burlington Northern Columbia River bridge and put a new lift span at the center of the bridge, eliminating 95% of the necessary Interstate Bridge lifts. Cost - $100 million. It would also upgrade the 100-year old railroad bridge, providing for more reliable freight movement.

Why not just relabel I-205 as I-5 and vice-versa?

Gordon wins the morning.

Allan is on to something.

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