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Friday, August 26, 2011

The Don's next deal?

If that shopping center guy can't get an "urban renewal" handout in Milwaukie -- and he may not be able to -- what about Beaverton? Here's a story showing both him and The Don being quite evasive about whether that idea's in play. And when guys like that won't give you a straight answer, something's usually up. Just what Beaverton needs -- another shopping center.

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Back room, secret deals at taxpayer expense are "The Don's" speciality!

This is simple for Beaverton voters.

Vote No.

Although much of the usual agenda has been stipped from the 1000 acre/$150 million initial Beaverton Urban Renewal plan it is still a ponzie sham being perpetrated by dishonest planners and officials who are telling people that it is essentially free because they are not creating a new tax with the plan itself.

What they are not telling the public is the UR/TIF debt servicing will require over $250 million be taken from the property tax revenue streams that support public services.

Removing that amount of funding will require new fees and taxes along aith service cuts.

So once again instead of an honest request for the public to pay for a plan they are suggesting people should support a plan they won't have to pay for.

In short it is just another blatant Urban Renewal lie that it pays for itself.

I hope voters cruch the plan and the Don gets the boot.

Just wait until they say "but we must do this to control sprawl so we dont become another Southern California!", which will probably be more effective out there than the "but we must do this to save the polar bear!" which worked well in Portlandia.

I hope voters cruch the plan and the Don gets the boot.

I, too hope voters can crunch the plan, but I fear that the Don won't get the boot - he's in too tight over there.

I am looking forward to the Clackamas County vote on the UR scam. I hope it would give other citizens the idea that the taxpayers should vote/decide on these scams, I mean projects, vice the royalty that has been handing out the largess forever!

Cabela's can't find a Portland area location yet because it is waiting for a fatter tax subsidy? Nauseating. How much do you want to bet that they are big donors to anti-tax political causes? Guess taxes are OK if they are taken away from education and basic services to fund their retail. Gag me.

Ben -- will Beaverton citizens even get to vote on this? I thought that was why the developers and pols liked Urban Renewal so much -- they get to use and abuse public funds without having to get public approval.

And even if we do get to vote, they do whatever they want anyway.

"The Don's" Home Depot 5 block give away didn't work on the Central Eastside of Portland because it was SO obviously a scam, and lots of different groups of people came together and actively opposed it. This was unusual, and "The Don" was not happy. I am sure he had lots of 'splainin' to do' to his potential benefactors. Eventually this loss cost him his job, with the PDC, I believe.
How this creep has managed to worm his way back into any sort of job is beyond my comprehension.
I suppose we can only hope that there are some brave citizens in Beaverton who are willing and able to stand up to this TIF/urban renewal nonsense and fight the good fight.

Clackamas Co.'s upcoming Nov. measure to allow citizens to vote on Urban Renewal is a major fight developing that affects this whole metro area as well as the state. Beaverton's pols and bureaucrats like The Don will be affected by it.

Already, politicians and bureaucrats are meeting behind the scenes to strategize how to combat citizen's right to vote. Contributions are poring in, attorneys are being consulted on how to deepsix the measure.

Clackamas Co Commissioners are circumventing procedural requirements to try to place a second diluted UR measure on the ballot. Just the Commission's procedural mistakes will probably be legally contested, as well as the second measure if it succeeds being placed on the ballot.

There are several aspects of the now discussed second measure that is legally questionable. Limiting voter approval to only those within a proposed UR when all of Clackamas Co. taxpayers and citizens are affected is morally corrupt as well as legally fraught.

If Pols/Bureaucrats succeed with the 2nd Measure, I hope the message can get out how scandalous it is to deny all citizens affected the right to vote. And that the pols and bureaucrats behind the smoke screen are exposed. There will be a backlash for their actions.


Yes Beaverton's UR plan is o the November ballot. Put there by the city council in comnpliance with an earler vote that would allow UR provided any plan was voter approved.

However, there has been a number of voter approved UR plans in past years.

All of which were perpetrated with blatant lies about it paying for itself.

Here again a city is misrepresenting their UR plan.

They should have more honestly pursued a new levy to pay for the proposed $150 million and left the current property tax revenue stream to fund services.

Doyle is a phony and a liar.

While advocating the UR borrowing of $150
that will take more and $250 million from their city property tax funding he is saying things like this.


"Doyle’s 2011 plan is to keep Beaverton’s services running at their current rate, which he considers impressive."

"We want to continue to provide excellent customer service without expanding the budget.”

If Cabela's had no problem locating right next to I-5 in Lacey - yes, LACEY, of all places - why are they even wasting their time with Portland?

Seriously. Vancouver. Woodburn. Salem. Albany. Eugene. Heck, I'm sure they could locate in Donald and make a killing, and I'm sure Donald would love to have the business. Or Tangent. Or Hood River.

Been busy on other subjects, don't know about Cabela's, what I gather from comments here about subsidy, I am thinking that these small communities don't have the money for the subsidy wanted by these big companies. Certainly think land would be more available and as mentioned the support of surrounding cities would be there.

Things seem backwards, try to squeeze more into our area where land is scarce and undue congestion because of available subsidies??

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