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Monday, August 8, 2011

SoWhat immigration jail rejected -- too dangerous

This story somehow slipped under our radar screen last week: The immigration jail that the Sam Rand Twins and their developer buddies were trying to sneak into the South Waterfront District has been rejected by a Portland city hearings officer.

The developer cats and the feds are appealing, and it's never over until it's over. But so far this is a major win for the beleaguered neighbors, including a grammar school. It's a good thing they found out about it in time to stop it.

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Thanks to you, so the rest of us could alert others!
Thanks YOU, Jack!

Even though there is optimism that ICE's and Lindquist (building owner) appeal to Council will be denied, there is caution.

First, all the campaigning to put ICE in SoWhat has been all from Leonard's office with Ty Kovatch leading the charge. Bureau of Development Service staff vouches for the immense pressure put forth by Leonard's office to not even review the project under a Conditional Use Review and recognizing it has a Jail/Detention Center component. Does Leonard have enough sway to convince the other four Commissioners to not heed the Hearing Officers findings and the issues brought forth by neighbors?

There is also the very suspect traffic study by ICE. They are claiming that 40% of their employees will be coming by transit. Similar numbers were projected by PDOT for all of SoWhat, both numbers are bogus. Recent traffic counts show that transit trips are only in the 7% range for SoWhat.

There is also the queuing problem of vehicles onto/off SW Macadam right at the SW Bancroft exit/entrance into SoWhat-the South Portal. ICE is claiming 3 additional vehicle queing loading from their facility. Already the intersection is experiencing 15 to 25 vehicle queuing and SoWhat is only 1/4 built out. This intersection according to even PDOT has to handle over 65% of all trips into SoWhat. Then, couple this problem with maneuvering 57 ft inmate buses into the facility right at this intersection. A major problem that the traffic study is glossing over.

There is still the issue that full plans for the facility has not been released. ICE and BDS refuses to release plans as required by Conditional Use Review requirements. And the Hearing Officer has concurred. If it is so safe, nice, mostly offices, why not provide for a proper review?

And don't forget, there is a 2nd Phase to the project. And how is ICE disregarding it's own criteria of no schools within 300 ft. when a school is only 40 ft away? Hopefully Council will review the transgressions and the public will continue participating. It is not over.

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