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Monday, August 8, 2011

Sneak preview?

When government builds up everyone's expectations with promises built on borrowed money, then lets everyone down with a harsh dose of reality, bad stuff happens. Tonight it's London; next summer, it might be somewhere in the United States.

UPDATE, 4:52 p.m.: Our buddy Bill McDonald has a new song for the occasion.

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I'm thinking it will be this summer when the Police beat a homeless/mental person to death and it's caught on camera.

First off, I doubt that will happen.

Second, there are much broader and deeper issues at play here than that feeble excuse to burn a city.

Were you alive in the '60s? The race riots in the United States were attributable in large part to the unrealistically high expectations raised by the JFK administration. Many civil rights promises that were made couldn't be delivered on, at least not fast enough to stop mass violence.

Something similar is going to happen when the famous "debt deal" actually gets implemented. Things are going to heat up considerably as the safety net gets smaller. And yes, race will probably play a big role.

I'm getting prepared. If Dinky-Di dog food was good enough for Mad Max, it's good enough for me.

Rodney King Trial Verdict = Riots
LA Lakers win a NBA Championship = Riots

Thank God the jury said OJ was innocent.

When I was a little kid, I vividly remember Watts, Detroit (twice), Chicago and Newark, plus many others.
My wife, 8 years old at the time, still remembers to this day when she lived in suburban Detroit, Army Tanks heading down Telegraph Road to Black Flats.

Jack, you should re-post or link your excellent post about the Newark Riots.

I forgot about the Albina Riots that coincided with the Detroit Riots in 1967.


Don't forget the Seaside Oregon riot of 1962. Ok, so it wasn't Watts or London, but it was as close to a riot as I have ever been.

Well if we actually had a hot Summer here people might feel like going out at night...

But seriously, the Sh!t is just about to hit the fan- be it Blazer, Duck, or Beaver. As soon as (the children are our future) get their heads out of their text machines, take a look around and see that the future has been canceled, watch the Hell out!

Hey, they have a Nutter as mayor too!

Yeah but is that mayor a fluffernutter, Jack?

Don't worry. Gov Kitzhaber will just have a counter 3 day Groupie Concert out at Champoeg State Park. This time nudity will be required. The Portland Riots will fizzle. Clackamas Co. and it's 1960's McCiver State Park Vortex Counter Party is now out of the loop because they are so anti-government.

The "smash and grab" philosophy is beginning to trickle down from policy makers to the streets.

Another brilliant summation of the facts from our own Bill McDonald. Thanks, Bill. You rock!

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