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Friday, August 5, 2011

Portland to start annual mix of well water with Bull Run

Portland's drinking water wells, out past the airport near Costco, are scheduled to be turned on on Tuesday. They do this every year, even if the Bull Run water system's cup runneth over, to make sure the well field equipment is in working order. This year the mixing is supposed to last at most only two weeks, with the Bull Run supply still constituting 97% of what flows through residents' taps.

Some readers have told us that they can taste the difference when the city blends the well water in with the mountain reservoir water. We're not in that group. Our taste buds get hung up on the chlorine.

The well water is not as pure as the Bull Run water. When the city infamously finds traces of pharmaceuticals in the water, for example, it's from the wells. Let's hope this year's run goes smoothly, with no unpleasant surprises.

Comments (7)

If the city gets it way and covers our water storage supplies, the Columbia Wells will add Radon to the tanks. The only way for the Radon to off-gas is through your shower head or tap.

If we keep the open reservoir system, the Radon will off-gas naturally into the air.

Which do you prefer?

So, we need to drink two weeks of pharmaceuticals to test this well field equipment?

This is just the tip of the iceberg of PWB and the way Leonard and city simply do not care "what" we drink!!
What is the end game here? Drinking Willamette River water?

Who is Leonard working for? It sure isn't we the people.

We use the Columbia well water as night lights. The green glow of the Radon makes them "sustainable", just like our elected officials tell us we need to be as good citizens.

Why not test this system and dump it rather than put it in our drinking water?
- Besides two weeks to test is questionable!

Nightmare scenario: The Feds demand -- via LT2 -- we build a billion dollar boondoggle but, oh so sorry, won't be able to help pay for it. Since we've already begun, we have to keep going. Going broke, Portland accepts a "white knight" multi-national company's offer to assume our debt in exchange for all the infrastructure and customer base. (How magnanimous!) And finally the usual players all get their hard earned rewards. The end.

Why might we be faced with this nightmare scenario?

In my opinion, this is not as much a Feds demand as it is something else going on here. Who wants this so badly that our elected officials are standing down on this with silence and/or the run around?

Are we in so much debt that the plan is to have to hand over the best asset this community has, our water and our water rights?

It looks like that is the goal of Leonard and PWB.

I detect the pungent odour of fetid arm pits,chicken droppings,innertube,and carp with notes of bong residue layered over hints of clay. Boil first than chill and serve with a twist. Goes well with chicken.

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