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Friday, August 19, 2011

Nurse Amanda stands up to obnoxious cyclists

We're glad we're not the one reading her hate mail these days.

This kind of stance makes us want to vote for her, but it's too bad she was so generally spineless before the Sam Rands announced that they're leaving City Hall. Now she just seems a little desperate.

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Desperate or not afraid of bullies anymore?

She's not "standing up"--she's just confused in a different way. The only thing Fritz has going for her is she's willing to talk about the forbidden topic: Priorities. The current city council hates that topic.

The usual slanted writing and bizarre comments at bikeportland.org are always entertaining though. Sad, but entertaining.

Good for Amanda. Won't get my vote but I am one of those pedestrians who has to watch out for bikes on the sidewalks downtown everyday. It is becoming a real nuisance.

She's the only one that really questions anything. She has my vote.

Love this line from the bike blog:

"Fritz hasn't shared details of a plan that would adequately educate people about how to operate bicycles in traffic"

Hey bike community, why don't YOU come up with a plan. God forbid that any cyclist every take any personal responsibility for anything. The BTA's motto should be: "But what have you done for me lately?"

I ended up writing Fritz a letter thanking her for calling out the bad bike behavior downtown because I knew she would be getting a barrage of angry emails from bikeportland readers.

I recently had to stop following that site because the tone of the comments became more and more infuriating for me. The tone was that they were thinking they have become a minority group and the "majority oppressors" were out to keep them down. I tried to inform them that biking was a choice and real minorities did not have a choice in who they are, but then I was called a Sarah Palin voting, Wal-Mart shopping, tv obsessed jerk (three things that I am not).

That was my last straw with the site.

I used to bike to work. I was convinced I was the only biker in Portland who stopped at stop signs, rode on the correct side of the road and used correct hand gesturing when turning.

I actually got so fed up with how bikers broke so many rules constantly that I had to stop biking. It was infuriating to me that much during my rides.

Kudos to Amanda. And good riddance to most of those over at the bikeportland.org blog.

It would be refreshing to see a similar attitude about motorists.

Pardon my yawn, sorry. The Nurse has never impressed me, and her courageous stance changes nothing. Oh, sure, she's ticking off the bike mafia, but so what? They manage to get what they want. I recall when the "mayor" had the biker-with-martini-glass logo removed from the street in front of the Benson (where Trader Vic's was located). Man, they howled like scalded cats (not that I've ever been around a scalded cat, but I can imagine it). Ultimately, the mafia voted for Sam.

While I think the bike sharing is stupid, her stance is like withholding auto funds until all drivers are safe. Furthermore, the cyclists whose behavior she claims she wishes to change would probably not be in the group using the bikes. I guess I didn't know her well, but I'm not impressed with this logic.

A similar attitude really isn't necessary because motorists who run stop signs, red lights, drive on the sidewalk, down the wrong side of the street or up a one-way are the exception not the rule, and when they do they have a very high probability of suffering legal and financial consequences.

"Fritz hasn't shared details of a plan that would adequately educate people about how to operate bicycles in traffic

That line jumped out at me too.
More of our tax dollars are supposed to be used to consult, study and provide a plan to educate people on biking? How much would that all cost?

...like it is our responsibility and to pay even more? There is a certain arrogance here and an attitude of entitlement.

Since we have these strong bike lobbyist groups and businesses in the bike arena, why don't they pay for it, or hold seminars, etc. to educate those who buy bikes?

It strikes me that this is made more for certain folks at City Hall to show their out-of-town planner friends how "bike-friendly" their burg is than anything else. It's really kind of a p.r. stunt--who else would really need these bikes? It's actually kind of ironic that Fritz has a problem with this particular project--her reasoning makes it even stranger. Do they not let her in on their pet projects?

More disgusting is the CoP PR lady on the radio claiming we need the taxpayer funded Bike Rentals to further the "Portland Brand". So that is what Portland has become, a BRAND. We are here to sell a Brand. What about just having a city without all the pseudo sales jobs.

...So that is what Portland has become, a BRAND...

Afraid so.
As people are exiting, COP needs that brand to lure others in.

As I have mentioned before, wonder what will happen when the curtain can no longer be closed and the house of cards falls down exposing more than COP would want revealed. Might be very disappointing for those who fell for the BRAND.

How much money when added up is spent to sell the "Portland Brand?"

Are people in city hall promoting the BRAND getting resumes ready and using our tax money to promote the projects and themselves?

"It would be refreshing to see a similar attitude about motorists."

It would be even more refreshing to see bicyclists, like motorists, have to be licensed, registered and insured in order to use the streets. When that happens Peter Pan and the rest of the Lost Boys will be forced to grow up pretty quick.

Today's sightings of bad bike behavior. Dufus on bike in Hillsdale claiming the center turn lane as a through lane so he could blow by every car around. Too bad some car did not move into the turn lane and stop his momentum. Dufus in bike lane not wanting to stop for red light prior to turning right on a SE major street moving from bike lane quickly into right turn on the ped crossing. Which is it Charlie, a bike using the road or a bike on the sidewalks using crossings. Oh wait it's whatever is most convenient. It's a wonder more of these geniuses don't get hit.

In Manhattan, they do things a little differently:


Bicyclist blows red light, gets over $1500 fine. Here, the "mayor" would give him a medal.

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