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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Just what Hanford needs: buzzed workers

At one of Hanford's "low-level" radioactive waste dumps (a real misnomer -- ask me sometime), pot was found in the conference room and six employees quit rather than submit to a drug test.

It's not just pot. We'd be similarly outraged if a pint of booze was found. Those guys need to leave the intoxicants at home.

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Booze woulda been bad, true. The pot, not so much.
Most people go on in the delusion that the workers at the site are actually doing something (besides watching gauges and colored lights) or could do something (helpful) if called on, or in an emergency situation. Nope.
So let 'em smoke dope.

Wrong Testy.

These are truck drivers and heavy equipment operators moving a mountain of contaminated dirt a few miles and reburying it.


Further to the point that Tenskwa makes, let us remember that to the majority of chronic smokers, marijuana is no more an intoxicant than tobacco... Sure, it hits you hard if you smoke once a month, but so do cigarettes in that case. The only issue is a much longer half-life.

Test them for alertness: if they pass they pass, if they don't they don't. Fire them if they're actually intoxicated, not just because they've consumed this incredibly weak "intoxicant."

No argument there Thomas. what a lot of people don't realize is when the feds stamped hemp with it's "this stuff is horrible and has no redeeming value" stamp. little actual research has been done compared to legal substances, so alertness, driving, critical thinking effects are a lot of guess work.

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