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Friday, August 26, 2011

It's a big one

With most of our familial peeps in or near New York City, and many of the Mrs.'s there too, it's hard to stay focused on anything other than Hurricane Irene at the moment. When the Big Apple announces a day ahead of time that it's shutting down all mass transit, and it will stay shut down until Monday afternoon, that's pretty heavy. Down at the Jersey Shore, there's a bunch of evacuatin' goin' on, including from the town that we enjoyed so greatly last summer. Even the Wawa stores are closed and boarded up. You never see that.

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Maybe the cast of Jersey Shore will all be swept out to sea and that will be the extent of the damage. Here's hoping.

Just a another day in NJ. Right.

Yep, looks like it's gonna be a doozey, particularly down here in southern Ocean County, where much of the evacuatin' is going on. We're close to the water but considered high enough to be safe from the anticipated storm surge, although the 100+ mph wind gusts and anticipated foot of rain ought to be bracing.

Stocked up on food, water, batteries, candles and, of course, booze, wine and beer.

I plan to have a Firefly iced tea in your honor (but we can only get the plain out here, so I add a drop of spearmint extract).

I guess I don't get out much!
(I had to Google Wawa stores)

Wawa? Why the Hoagiefest at the Wawa!
I saw this commercial while at the Philips Lamp Factory in NJ in 2008! They did the Beatles proud!




Good news! There's a very detailed evacuation map for New York City on the New York Times website, and McSorley's Ale House at 15 E. 7th Street is safe!

Praying all the extended BoJack folks dodge any bad stuff!

Take care everyone...our thoughts are with you. Stay safe!

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