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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

It used to be the AOL address that gave you away

But now we can tell you're not too bright just from the fact that you're surfing the web on Internet Explorer.

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I haven't used IE in years. I'm surprised at how many people still do; I'd attribute that to laziness and using "what came with mah PC". That, and the weird fantasy that somehow using Microsoft products is "safe" and reliable. It's like saying eating at McDonald's is healthy because they're everywhere.

i yous innernet essplor er and everbuddy say i is a sooper jeenyus . y r u so meen jack bodoggynaski? u shud not queshon enny bodys intelujunce bekus it is not equat a table. go by innernut!

Interesting article that I don't agree with one bit. Most people use IE at work because that is what IT loads on their PC's. Depending on the company the user may or may not have admin rights to download something else. Even if they do have admin rights, most wont screw around with the company owned PC a lot.

Since most of us are creatures of habit, if we use it at work we'll use it at home too.

So what if my kids and she who must be obeyed are smarter than me?

And it seems that the longer you use IE, the dimmer you get, while using Firefox makes you smarter! [snort]



IT doesn't load IE on corporate machines. Microsoft does it for them. The exceptions are machines built and sold in Europe. As someone who manages Workstation imaging for a Worldwide shipping company, I can say that I'd prefer to not have IE on machines I have to manage and maintain. A large majority of patches I deploy in our organization are for IE and IE related issues (many Office products leverage IE to display HTML e-mails and documents)

However, since so many corporations use internal web sites that are built to only work with IE (Sharepoint for example), you'll never get away with dropping IE completely until the customers force Microsoft to code their built-in web solutions according to web standards.


IT does, in fact load IE - and only IE on our systems. It probably varies from place to place, but I speak from experience. Don't even think about using FF, Safari, Chrome, Opera....

I look at hundreds of internet orders every day. It tags the customers browser type. In my business, 95% of the people that buy stuff use firefox. You only see IE or Safari every once in a while.

Max, his point was that IE comes preinstalled with Windows, and you cannot avoid this unless you buy a special version of windows in the EU, as a result of a ruling.

Seems the story was fake...


It burns! It burns!


Well this knocks my BS detector ego down a click or two.

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