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Thursday, August 11, 2011

I can't wait for the perp walk

The more perps, the better.

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Does anybody know who becomes mayor if there's a sudden vacancy?

Did Sam have any idea this was coming down when he decided to sit out the next election?

The Council President assumes all duties of Mayor, and I think Fritz is the Prez right now.

The Feds always get it right. Take for example their targetting of a certaIn blogger for posting the floor plans to a proposed jail in So What. C'mon now.

The findings of the committee McClellan headed up was pretty much ignored by the voters in Portland. Why would today’s investigation by the feds be different.

"Boys and girls, can you say 'Sam Adams being frogmarched in chains'? Sure. I knew you could."

"The more perps the better."

Hear, hear Jack. I wish we would see this on Wall Street and K Street as well.

Fritz as acting mayor...that would certainly make for an interesting run up to her election. I actually would wish her luck with that one.

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