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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

How to meet cops

Become an artist.

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Or... you can drunkenly crash your car into a parked police car and then use your fraudulently obtained DL & SS number as ID like Obama's illegal alien uncle did.

Or, is that how to get "asylum"?

Ah, the internet's still working in Limbaughland. Talk about your "derangement syndromes"...

You think they'd come up with better code talk. "Asylum" is so early 2000's...

I guess if I were an employee of the particluar bank depicted, I might want the police to ask a few pointed questions.

That does mean the artist can't produce controversial artwork that is seemingly threatening to some, simply that he might help resolve concerns about his intent. There is no obligaton for him to respond, but of course that leaves the interpretation to the casual observer, and to those who need to sort out the bad guys from the artists.

Unfortunately, if now someone runs out and torches a bank he'll get accused of inciting it through his artwork and hopefully, he'll have a lawyer who'll argue that Hollywood is just as guilty many, many times over.

...if I were an employee of the particluar bank depicted, I might want the police to ask a few pointed questions.

If I were an employee of JPM Chase, I'd be much happier if the police got involved with these people, and left Mr. Schaefer to pursue his art.

John, no one is ever going to go after all the fat cat ring leaders. I would have hoped most had figured that out by now. That leaves a teller or branch manager as the target of anger and implied threats. Not OK.

Art depicting persons being tortured or killed or expressions of buildings being blown up or burned may well be free speech. However, more work to determine the intentions of the artist should not be ignored.

It is not repressive to simply ask just because the person being asked feels repressed.

Hmmm...I wonder if that poster of the Isla Vista branch of Bank of America on fire as depicted on a customized check would get me a grillin'

(Yeah, only by a geezer cop using a walker: Google found but one hit of what was, for my generation, an iconic symbol. So sad. So old. Such a redundant redundancy. )

Or just allow your child to bike to school.


The 5th grader was detained by an officer, placed in a police car and taken home, all for the crime of riding her bike to school.

So much for police officers are your friend.

Mark Sherman

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