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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

How long does Ellis McCoy get paid for not working?

The travails of the City of Parking transportation bureau -- currently under the cloud of a federal criminal investigation -- go on and on. Now the sexy new system whereby you could pay the city's outrageous meter parking rates via your cell phone can't be turned on because it was being managed by the target of the FBI probe, suspended meter manager Ellis McCoy. Oh, the horror.

While the hippest among us wonder when-oh-when they will experience the joy of handing money over to Fireman Randy by telephone, some of us have got a more fundamental question: How long does McCoy get paid to hang out in Hillsboro in his T-shirt all day? He hasn't even been charged with anything yet, and he's already started a paid administrative leave that looks a lot like an indefinite vacation. We enter Week 3 tomorrow. It could be months before a federal grand jury gets to this, and if McCoy lawyers up with a Steve Houze type, any criminal trial could be years off.

Even the DUII police officers have to come in and do desk work. Isn't there some other task McCoy could be performing for the city while the feds poke around? Preferably something that doesn't involve getting all cozy with contractors.

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Portland is full of such cozy relations (for instance, Mult. County Commissioner's Shiprack's $1 million no recourse loan from PDC). Mayor Adams saw the handwriting on the wall when he decided not to run for re-election as did lame duck Commissar Leonard (who has PERS loot to ride off with into his sunset while we are left to a cloudy foreboding future). With a flat national economy and federal government cutbacks in the wind, citizens are sobering to the spendthrift ways of stump town city hall. Unfortunately, the folks running to replace these duds are no better with respect to financial prudence.

But we've still another year of damage to go through before the lame ducker duds go off to other opportunities. No doubt Adams is driven to shove as much green nazi dictums down citizens throats before he leaves (think cut back in garbabe service to once every other week from one every week, forcing citizens to forgo family time for separating scraps of food out of the garbage; and think, forcing citizens to carry paper bags in inclimate weather instead of more hardy plastic bags). For Adams, these green nazi dictums enhance his resume for future employment in other duped cities.

At a minimum, the city should have a "rubber room" where n'er- do-wells have to clock in and out of while collecting administrative leave pay.

Perhaps someone doesn't want him talking around the office.

I believe Portland would be better off and a whole lot cheaper if the citizens of P-Town would pay for a world tour for both Creepy and Mr. Wonderful. all room and lodging airfare food and drinks, plus in some cases young male escorts, until their terms expire. It would most likely only cost a couple mil. and it could come for the sewer funds.

The pay by phone thing was postponed when they found that all the funds were going to Ellis McCoy's Paypal account.

"Commissar Leonard (who has PERS loot to ride off with into his sunset while we are left to a cloudy foreboding future)."

Don't forget, he and John Minnis are they only two guys who also get PFDR.

CoP has deep pockets, I predict he'll get at least two years paid vacation. Longer if he gets someone like Houze to stretch this out.

Meanwhile, no one does anything of substance at City Hall.

Vote NO on every and any bond request ever.

Steve... formula... bond $'s x 3% = CASH for CITY HALL

Maybe Ellis should be issued of those nice "clean and safe" jackets and a broom to sweep up the trash around old town. He could also be issued a bicycle and one of those ticket issuing machines to hand out the parking violations.
I don't think I would be comfortable with him collecting the coins from the parking meter machines though.

Sharon White at PBOT plays "target" for too many crazy drivers and cyclists.

She needs some respite.

Suit up ole' Ellis McCoy and snd him out into traffic.

Parks need mowing..
Trash picked up..
Shoot they could detail him to PPS and mow school grounds and make that silly opinion piece in the Big O about how Mayor Sam is an "education" mayor partially true.

The mayor will say he is for whatever makes him look good in the mirror in his mind.

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