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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Gatsby's old handler now needs his own handler

Josh Kardon, the former main man for Sen. Ron Wyden (R-N.Y.), has hit a rough patch in his plan to get rich as a private lobbyist and a political campaign strategist. His new firm is splitting up, and his past actions on the Senate payroll have already come back to haunt him and his new clients.

Meanwhile, Kardon's ex-boss picked up a flattering story to go along with a dreamy photo in Willy Week. They held him up as a champion of the internet, which he has been. The copyright bullies want to turn the American internet into something like the hideously censored Chinese internet, and the boys and girls at the FBI and the CIA would like nothing better than to help them. Fortunately, Wyden's giving them all the hard time that they so richly deserve.

Comments (2)

"Isaacs said he mistakenly listed the name of the new firm, which is actually called Innovative Campaign Strategies, or ICS Consulting. I should also note that Wyden, who like other senators continues raising campaign money throughout his Senate term, is another client of the new firm."

So Kardon pissed off his boss? His ex-partner Isaacs gets Ron's biz (not that Ron will run for re-election)

Way to much handling going on. And to think you can make big money on handling. The hacks need handling, the sheeple need handling. Handlers needed to make and twist stories, handlers to slant and create images. Sounds like handling is a very green field. But it sounds like you have to be careful not to mix the crops you are handling.

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