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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Detective Comics revisited

A reader points us to an interesting find that we don't remember seeing before: a set of online comic books for kids, produced by the Clackamas County Sheriff's Office. Apparently some of these are a few years old. The reader seems to question whether they're appropriate -- we think they're kind of cool.

Not to mention the immense parody potential, particularly up here in Portlandia:

Comments (2)

Wow, in Clackistan, jails are where people go to get the help they need!

Knowing how the Sheriff office is managed it would suprise me if the entire thing was funded with private grants and/or money saving reforms.

When the county is soon run like the Sheriff Office and Fire District there will be much more to like and parody Portland with.

With Wilsonville, Lake Oswego, Damascus and even Clark County (and more) soon joining the full transformation the Portland/TriMet/Metro cabal is going to face the imminent defeat sooner rather than later.

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