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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Convention Center hotel redux

The Portland Development Commission is actively looking for a developer for a Convention Center hotel. But fortunately, for the moment at least, it's not looking to build a new one -- it just wants to rehab one of the old ones. That actually makes some sense, although the devil is in the details and one can't expect the project to be anything but a big handout to some favored real estate sharpie and a well connected construction contractor. Go by streetcar!

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Redux or reflux?

My grandmother used to make a comment about the relationship between a sows ear and a silk purse.

This project must move forward to justify gutting school and other public services funding to build magical streetcars. Condo towers will be soon to follow. I have to wonder how the Buckman neighborhood's going to like that.

Like I've said before, welcome to the property development corporation currently dba City of Portland. Now pay up and just make sure you're smiling when they take the picture for the pretty sales brochure.

It's not a bad idea to rehab that hotel. It seemed to work pretty well for the Hotel Modera up by PSU.

The downside is that we'll spend way too much public money to make it happen.

Yes, it might be a good idea to rehab the hotel. But why not like Hotel Modera without any public funds? No PDC. A good idea deserves no city interference and taxpayer money.

Condo towers will be soon to follow. I have to wonder how the Buckman neighborhood's going to like that.

I guess they better have condo towers ( although the E. side location renders them less likely). How else are you going to induce people to live right above the UP rail line? You think it's noisy over at McCormick pier? Just wait until you're in your woodframe CEID condo and the freight is rollin' by the front door.

Mr. Grumpy - you are right about gutting school and other services, etc. Since local school and city governments are separate, this wouldn't be true, except for the fact that the city is using urban renewal funds, which do, in fact, gut funds for other services.

Is most new dense apartment/condos construction really wood frame? I thought everything gets described as concrete bunkers.

Bunkers, but not concrete. Mostly particle board.

Zombie remodel?

Train noise could be a bummer in the CEID. I recommend playing a loop all night with banjos and bluegrass. Should help. Or maybe Woody Guthrie....Just ask Vera what to do.

No you usually don't get concrete floors until you get above five stories. Even then there is lots of glass for the choo-choo noise to come through, I know some folks who live on the 8th floor above Union Station. Very noticeable. However noise really penetrates where there is even the tiniest air gap---such as a patio slider that doesn't quite seal. Or a front door, no matter how solid, that has poor weatherstripping, or a window that doesn't shut absolutely tight. That is why premium windows and doors cost so much more---a lot of it is in the seal.

So on the eastside there might be some towers near Lloyd Center, But I see the lower CEID as having probably wood frame condos with cheaper windows and doors. What to do with the train noise at night? This will require creativity.

--Ron Swaren (UN State of the World Forum and ret. union nailbanger)

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