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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Beaver football sinking down with the rest

At Oregon State, bad behavior by football players will get them suspended from the team -- but only for games that don't matter much.

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You got it backwards. If they were suspended "only for games that don't matter much", they WOULD be suspended for the season opener as that is against a team in which they are 27.5 pt favorites, not televised, and non-conference. The players will now have to sit out of more important games such as the Nationally televised game at Wisconsin or a Pac 12 conference game....

I think Dwight Jaynes has it right: The Beavers are going to get their butts handed to them by Wisconsin in the second week. And they're not a lock for the first week if they can't play the three dum-dums. If they lose to both Sacto State and Wisconsin, their season is probably over. They need this first game more than any other. Which is why the three are playing this week.

I understand Butch's argument and I understand Jack's argument. Tough call. But the right call would be to suspend all three players for BOTH games.

Wisconsin will probably win the BigTen (now with 12 teams) this year. Losing to them, in Madison, is pretty much factored in at this point.

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