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Monday, August 15, 2011

At Whole Foods, the taste of organic shoe leather

Here's an e-mail message that somebody wishes they had back.

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Yeah, good ol' Texas. The same state that gets to dictate what's in textbooks for the rest of the nation!

Gov. Rick Perry must have seen the "offending" signs at the store in Austin, and pronounced them evil.

Very unfortunate that the word ramadan was in there. Too bad the email didn't say "Whole Foods isn't interested in promoting animal cruelty through ritual unsedated slow slaughter." Everyone woulda stayed real quiet and hoped noone would notice.

Yeah! Go barbaric ancient rituals! The leftists love ya! It's freedom of something or other that IS the American Way!

Too much coffee.

Why don't they just forget about promoting any religious holidays? Once you favor one group, then the rest get offended if you leave them out. Frankly, I could care less about any of it.

Having been through the "freezer works" (lamb processing) in New Zealand where they employ halal certification on all the little lambies; the end was quite instantaneous and in no way barbaric. As an added note they made use of EVERYTHING.

If the voting machines and the Supreme Court work for Gov. Rick Perry as they did for former Texas Gov. George Bush, then Merck will be estatic.


Someone should create a vaccine against stupid and order Perry to take it.

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