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Monday, August 22, 2011

Are you ready for some underdogs?

Another pro football season is nearly upon us, and so it's time to see if we've got critical mass for a third annual charity underdog pool. This is a game in which readers try to choose one NFL underdog each week that will win its game outright. The more outrageous an upset the underdog pulls, the more points the reader who picked it gets, and the player with the most points at the end of the 20-week season wins the game. There's no prize other than glory, but the top finishers get to steer some money to their favorite charities.

Speaking of which, to play the game, a Jacksonian donation is required. The details of last year's game are posted here. This year's game will be similar, and we'll have a final set of this year's rules shortly.

Right now we're looking just for expressions of interest. If you're game, please send an e-mail message to underdog@bojack.org and let us know. We'll get details back to you by e-mail this week.

Comments (4)

I. Am. In.

I'm in. I understand that this might be an outstanding year for the Dallas Cowboys this year, because if they make the Superbowl, each and every player and coach will be allowed to kick Jerry Jones in the balls for an hour.

TTR - would that be akin to the Stanley no-Cup?

I'm in. I choose to think of this as my first charitable contribution to my future home.

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