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Thursday, August 11, 2011

An interview with Ellis McCoy

Channel 12 has a conversation with the FBI investigation target, here.

UPDATE, 1:33 p.m.: Here's the Channel 2 version. He keeps apologizing, but maintains he's innocent. The proclamations of innocence seem carefully worded.

UPDATE, 2:15 p.m.: Here's the Channel 6 version -- very similar. He wouldn't say if he currently has a lawyer. If not, he had better get one.

Comments (15)

How long before this guy flees to his native Iran?

One would think that the feds have got him boxed in.

Ouch! That was two and a half minutes of shear torture.
Didn't his mother, Gladys, ever teach him that "speech is silver but silence is golden"?
Maybe if he gets decent lawyers they will shut him up.

I believe that Ellis McCoy is related to the late Gladys McCoy, but he's not her son - his name doesn't appear in the legislature's naming of her children in the memorial after Senator Bill McCoy (Gladys's husband) died.

reader--not sure about the nature of your statement...seems to be tinged with racism. Have read it several times and finally felt compelled to speak up.


My post was tinged with sarcasm, not racism. I was referring to the Oregon prisons food buyer who took kickbacks from vendors and then fled to Iran before the Attorney General indicted him on felony charges.

Read more here:


My bad Isaac. I assumed, incorrectly, and that was an error on my part.
I still think he should shut up though.

I wish we could just send all our corrupt public officials to Iran and be done with them. Perhaps we could charter a plane?

How many people fit on a 787?

I hope McCoy sings like a canary hawk. The buck doesn't stop with him alone.

I wish I had a penny for every dollar that goes into parking meters.

There is some relation to Gladys McCoy - I remember a controversy years ago where an Ellis McCoy controlled/affiliated entity bid for some type of contract Gladys McCoy had oversight or influence of. Ellis' company was the high bid, and the quote from Gladys McCoy was something to the effect "Can't we give it to him anyway?" This was in an article I read in Willamette Week or somewhere similar, highlighting nepotism and the conflict of interest.

Oh, and good call on the "RACISM!" argument Teresa. Perhaps you need to look past your own biases and examine this case without a lens which features the color of the suspect(s) skin. I think people are growing tired of being accused of racism simply for making a random comment or trying to hold someone accountable for their actions.

Mea culpa - it was Paul McCoy, City Center parking deal. Google link from 1992 below. Don't know how Paul is related to Ellis.


Gladys and Bill Mc Coy had 7 children, so there must be quite a few relatives running around.

EL-- so it doesn't reek of racism when after having viewed the three citations in which Ellis McCoy speaks with reporters; then one scrolls down to read the words of reader with no context given for the statement? No. You need to accept that this town and state is way more insidious in this respect. If he is guilty he is guilty no matter what the color. The reference was totally out of context and character.

I fail to see how an out of context reference to Iran is racism. Obtuse perhaps, racist - no. As soon as I read it I remembered the story about the Oregon prison corruption scandal where the suspect did flee to Iran. And I still didn't see it as racist, just not related and an odd reference.

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