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Saturday, August 6, 2011

A feel-good message from a reader

This one graced our e-mail inbox the other day:

I just got better than $500 thanks to your post on the Oregon’s unclaimed property website. I discovered the unclaimed property and reclaimed it the day you blogged about it, and I only received this notice today. I suspect I am not alone in receiving money this week because of your post.

This windfall comes on the heels of my recognizing (and thus refusing) the Welches con man, so I owe you at least two beers.


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How can anybody know if they are the *right* person named for a property? I've got a pretty common name and there's just not enough information on the site to know for sure. The property ID number doesn't seem to relate to real estate property. And what is a "PERS Lost Members" designation???

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