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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Randy gives ratepayers his other finger

The O keeps asking more questions, and the Admiral keeps giving two-word answers. The wronger he is, the blunter he gets.

What he's done with the water bureau is so thoroughly and blatantly illegal, and there's nobody in this town who cares enough or has enough resources to try to stop him.

What Portland really needs now is a better-government league. Not the City Club, which has evolved into a flock of toothless sheep, bleating in approval at whatever progressive, green-coated shinola comes out of City Hall, the county building, and Salem. What we're talking about is a new organization that would exist primarily to haul city government into court and stop it when it blatantly violates state law and the city charter.

What would it take to get such a group going? It would probably have to have a budget of about $150,000 a year to start, to pay for a lawyer or two. And let's say it would start out with a timeline of 10 years. If it could earn 2% on what it has in the bank, then to generate the operating budget, it would take about $1,350,000 up front.

Could you get that kind of money out of Portland residents and businesses, to insure that the Sam Rand Twins' reign of terror is not repeated? It's a question worth asking, although we're not optimistic about the answer. Go by streetcar, people -- no doubt it's coming out of your water bill somehow.

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How about a grand jury? Would that be possible? After all if something illegal has been done then there needs to be a criminal investigation.

Portland is America writ small.

Anybody who can pony up $1,350,000 is already benefitting from the current patronage system, or unwilling to offend those who continue to do so.

"Randy gives ratepayers his other finger": in that picture, it's literal.

"What Portland really needs now is a better-government league."

How about just honest politicians?

His de facto endorsement / head start of Novick is speaking oodles to me about Novick's integrity.

What an arrogant p*ick.

$100 times 13,500 or $1,000 times 1,350 people.
I'm in for $1000, who's next?

Set up a 501(3)(c), then solicit tax-deductible donations to a PayPal account. You must have thousands of unique visitors here. Lot of work and headaches I know, but after it gets going you wouldn't need to be the front person (unless you wanted to be).

If you look beyond the Democrat media distortions and lies, this exists - it's called the 'Tea Party'

I like boycat's idea - a 501(c)(3) format to actually do something valuable. No salaries for the board - all the donations/interst income used for legal weaponry.

None of the usual "non-profit" scam artists on the board. Lot's of pro-bono opportunities for the silent ones in the legal community.

I'm in for $1K.


damn these digits...

Indy - I would contribute to a non-partisan group for good government in PDX that kept its yap out of social and religious issues. I don't have any money for any group that does otherwise. Someday you chumps will realize that if you are serious about fiscal responsibility and you want allies you need to let your right wing social agenda go....

Aside from the fact that no one is talking about 'right wing social agendas' I would think you can make a point about it without calling me names Lucas.

What. Is it going to take for you incompetent. Voters in Portland to quit voting in Democrats and electing jerks like Leonard?

League of Women Voters could do it, with more resources and participation. They get ignored whenever they disagree with the establishment.

vantress, just in case you have not noticed, elections in the CoP are non-partisan and besides when you get down to it all pols are just pawns of corporate interests and those who can by them. There really isn't a lot of difference between Dems and Rs. It's the Rs who give huge tax breaks to the rich. And how does that help the majority of us?

Indy - Do you pay attention to the Tea Pee leaders? Bachmann, Palin and your tea pee buddies at the national level cannot shut up with their right wing social agenda.

What Portland really needs now is a Mayor Bogdanski.
The flock of toothless sheep will be bleating the city right off the cliff unless the city gets Jacked.

Yes Lucas, and when you read beyond the headline, you will realize the whole point is to get government out of the equation.

No matter what the adversaries that so frighten you think of social issues, the bottom line remains - the federal government should not be paying for (whatever) it is.

Name the party pushing the idea social issues should be funded by the government.

Lucas - try to wrap your mind around the fact there is no such thing as 'government money.'

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