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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Great Cooper's ghost

One of our early web projects was to assemble photos of famous guys named Jack -- and then guys named Jackie, since as a kid we were called by both names. One of the fellows in the latter group has left the planet, after one of the most enduring show business careers ever. He played both one of the original "Our Gang" kids, and Perry White in "Superman" -- worked with everyone from Wallace Beery to Christopher Reeve. It was not an easy life, but certainly one of accomplishment.

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What would a collection of Jacks be without the Andrews Sisters!


Wonderful work when he was young and an excellent citizen in maturity.

Nearly beyond belief that a key actor from those great days of American film was alive yesterday.

Pre-war American cinema is without equal.

Great Ceasar's Ghost. RIP.

Drink and the devil had done for the rest --
And a bottle of rum!

THAT one was for Jackie as Jack Hawkins.

Jackie Cooper directed some of the most memorable "Rockford Files" hours.

Did your list of Jackies include the French composer, Jacques Ibert?

A real stretch would be Yakima Canutt (1895-1986), nearly local lad who was the first Hollywood stuntman awarded an (honorary) Oscar.

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