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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

No show tonight

You reach a certain age and important people start disappearing. This one hurts more than we might have thought. Phoebe Snow, a Jersey girl with a voice like butterscotch, has died at age 60.

She'll probably best be remembered for her smash hit debut album, but we liked her second one just as well. She spent most of her life caring for her disabled daughter. This took Snow out of the limelight, and in some ways she was taken for granted. But now she'll be missed. Heaven rest her.

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Nice tribute. Thanks. Regards, Hal

skin goosebumps time:

talk to me some more
you don't have to go
you're the poetry (wo)man
you make it easy to love

Loved that voice. Apparently she was planning a comeback, tour and all, and had a stroke about six weeks before the start of the tour. Had been in a coma since the stroke in January of last year.

I also didn't know that her disabled daughter, for whom she pretty much gave up singing publicly, had died in 2007.

Another obit here.

She was a favorite of mine and this is really sad.

Phoebe was a gem and underappreciated.

Sad, that.

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