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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Welches con man working NW 17th and Raleigh

An alert reader who works in the Activspace building at 17th and Raleigh in Northwest Portland reports that David Wilson, the notorious "Welches" con man, walked into his office yesterday, offering a handshake and starting his fraudulent spiel. Our reader, of course, sent him on his way, but expressed concern that Wilson will start working the parents at the newly opened kids' play space nearby at 17th and Quimby.

With this guy, there's typically some bar nearby that he's going to adjourn to after he dupes the next poor fool out of his or her money. Usually it's a joint with video poker. Anybody know which one he might be frequenting near this location?

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David is not the only con man working the west side. There are a few other guys working hard to seperate you from 21 bucks just for parking near a Timber's Game. I would almost rather give the money to Davie Boy.

Cheers, NW. Where everybody wishes they didn't know your name.

Joe's cellar @ NW 21st and Pettygrove

Someone should tell David, "up yurs!'

I've seen him hanging out at a bar at NW 21st and Glisan. Not too far from there.

I saw him walking up NW Hoyt Tuesday. It was the first time I'd seen him in person - creepy!

Seems like this dude is pretty easy to find. I'd love it if my friends in the news media would pick-up on this, if only for a personality profile.

He *was* frequenting the Marathon Taverna, until I found out through a coworker about his scam. I'm guessing he'll hit up Tony's, the Matador, or the Kingston, which are all pretty close by.

He's been a self-entitled customer of ours for the past few months, and I couldn't resist taking a jab at him after I found out about his scam this week, and he hasn't been back since. Sorry everyone.

Anecdotal a**hole moments:

-Insisting we put a baseball game on a main television for him even though there were fifteen patrons and the bar OWNER clearly enjoying live soccer.

-Insisting we should have sound on a TV in a specific area reserved for people who want to listen to the jukebox. In an otherwise EMPTY BAR.

-Insisting there was "something wrong" with the carbonation in his 7up back.
(refuted and denied)

-Insisting I sell or give him one of my cigarettes, even though we have a cigarette vending machine with reasonable prices.


"I guess some people just aren't givers." -David Wilson, bar patron & con connoisseur

Portlanders are the biggest enablers of panhandlers/addicts..

They are buying addictive substances and feeding habits with your money. You are, in effect, perpetuating these societal problems.

I think a casual reader will find that this con guy is getting picked on over other scammers, but this individual is mimetic of the many other panhandlers who have serious substance abuse problems.

Donate to a charitable cause if you want to give money.

Few panhandlers have overcome their situation by panhandling. It's making their problems worse.

The City of Portland is lacking in its education and marketing of NOT giving money to panhandlers. Where't the anti-panhandling campaign by City Hall?

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