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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Bad news on the food front

Alas, another choice Portland dining spot is closing.

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And another chef has turned over cooking duties of multiple dishes:

"Fritz's decision comes as Mayor Sam Adams plans to create a new Office of Equity"

Again, you are a local city government. You are not the UN. Learn your limitations.

If you are worried about equity, call in your existing bureau managers and say:

"Make sure you're spending a fair share of your budget in North Portland and the outer Eastside. That is a directive from the top. Thanks."

Boom, it takes 30 seconds and no need to create a new office with new over-paid staff.

Portland spends money on an Equity office, and Multnomah county spends money on a Diversity director. More examples of how local government misspends our money.

The city should have someone whose sole function is to watch out for, and address, racism, sexism, and whatever other prohibited isms there may be. But it should be a lean operation -- like one person in the auditor's office.

Office of Equity? Arf!

You are right Jack... and their job description should include looking at everyone, including the Council.

Maybe the new office could share space with the Office of Ethics in Government?

Oh wait--that office doesn't exist. My bad.

This is really madness. What reason is there not to despair?

It really ought to be the Office of Negative Equity in this market.

You all are missing the point.

This office is to ensure that all government pork gets divided equally amongst the corporate/ruling class.

We don't want to start any family feuds just cause the budget ain't what it used to be.

Would the Office of Equity exist for the many long time residents of East Portland?
Note that with the city’s characterization, those residents either no longer exist or count. The area is described by the city with the term diversity, cultural diversity and for more diversity. Long time residents as a result are experiencing reverse discrimination.

Budget hearing forums and Portland Plan fairs for the entire East Portland area are held in IRCO, home to Immigrant and Refugee Community Organizations. These meetings should be held in neutral territory if reverse discrimination is to be avoided.

Ralph Woods,
Yes, pork goes to the corporate/ruling class and leftovers to the poor.

Middle class? left out of the equation I guess, except to keep paying more for less.

East Portland?

A downward spiral began after city annexation.

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