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Monday, February 14, 2011

Shaming the Goldschmidt people by name

Fred Leonhardt, one-time speechwriter for disgraced former Gov. Neil Goldschmidt, has spent many years of his life telling the world about Goldschmidt's prolonged sexual abuse of a teenaged girl while he was mayor of Portland -- and about how people in the extensive Goldschmidt network knew what was going on, or had gone on, and didn't blow the whistle.

Yesterday the Eugene paper published a provocative op-ed article by Leonhardt. In it, he lists many prominent Portlanders whom he regards with disgust because of their closeness to Goldschmidt, and at least some of their complicity in, or condoning of, the former guv's sorry misdeeds.

Here are the names mentioned in the article, in the order in which they appear:

Vera Katz
Mike Schrunk
Rabbi Manny Rose
Bob Burtchaell
Alan Webber
Homer Williams
Earl Blumenauer
Ted Kulongoski

Of course, that is just the tip of a large iceberg of Portland big shots, all of whom should reflect on these words:

For the privilege of being in on "The Deal"; for the money made from corporate takeovers, condo developments and light rail extensions; for the cushy executive position with all the perks; for the high political office; for the entry to the Arlington Club; for the skids greased and the backs scratched; for nothing more than an occasional pat on the head from the Great Man himself; for a young girl’s life — the best and the brightest looked the other way.

There was no conspiracy of silence. People talked. People knew. Instead, there was a conspiracy of indifference — which is far worse.

They still attend parties in his honor. To this day, they are lost without him telling them what to do. "People like Neil don’t come along very often," former Gov. Ted Kulongoski reminds us.

Fred Leonhardt is obviously a tortured soul. But he's doing his darnedest to make sure that the big slimeball behind it all never shows his face in public life again, even though his victim is now dead and buried.

While we continue to suffer the "leadership" of Goldschmidt's cronies, who continue to run the state, we should be grateful to Leonhardt for his vigilance. There must never be a comeback of Neil Goldschmidt himself, and you wouldn't put it past him to try. No outrage is beyond that guy and his many shameless servants.

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"No outrage is beyond that guy and his many shameless servants."

So true, Jack. Thanks for your role in highlighting and calling out those scum bags who continue to carry water for Gov Rapist. Without your platform, Fred's lone voice would be silenced. And Oregon Democrats would be able to continue with their indifference on this issue.

"People like Neil don’t come along very often,"

My heart is so saddened that for 35 years this young girl was so tormented from Neil's illegal behavior. Very few ever take the appropriate actions and stand up when they should. It is even sadder that Leonhardt took so long to speak; probably knowing that he would not be heard at that point in time.

Thank you Mr. Leonhardt. I'm sorry I was so accusatory of you in the previous comment thread.

Hopefully, the Oregonian will carry that piece as well, but I won't hold my breath.

The whole thing makes me sick. He took her to a party at Blumenauer's house. Think about how many other luminaries would have been there. Shitb*gs every one of them.

You forgot to mention Kitz' chief of staff, Tom Imeson - Neil's partner in the influence peddling biz he had.

Someone's gotta do something soon, even Steve Duin recognizes the incompetency for what it is.

Actually one more thought - has anybody ever thought to ask these people to publically dis-avow Neil G and to shun him?

That seems to be au courant for every congressional peccadillo now.

This needs exposure on prime time. Might make for a good movie. All in all good work Fred.

Blumenauer's bowtie must be spinning like a pinwheel today, trying to cool him off. Life in the bike lane. Party on, Earl!

In the mid-70s I worked in a school for "emotionally disturbed" and delinquent teen-aged girls. Most of them had been sexually abused by someone close to them - a mother's boyfriend, their own boyfriends, their father or brother, their stepfather, or a pimp who led them into prostitution. In almost every case, the girls were emotionally bonded to the men who had abused them. They craved the love and attention that they deserved but could only get through sex, and they hated the men because of what they had to do to get it. For most, the basic human need for love won out. Therapy helped, but the law was much more effective in putting the behavior into perspective and dealing with the perpetrator. The law also gave the victim the right to admit that what they were receiving was abuse and not love. When society lets the scumbags get away with something so evil, there is no reckoning and little useful repentance, and one must wonder about recidivism for these folks. Today, when pornography and sex involving teen-aged girls is sanctioned by the idea that the girls encourage it, one ignores the part of the relationship that is exploiting the young girls' cry for love and attention.

Every person who knew about the rape and abuse of a young girl by Neil Goldschmidt should be charged with a crime against humanity. And the parents - if they knew about it -- they should be strung up by their thumbs in a public square and convicted of child abuse and/or neglect.

If the girl had been from a blue-collar background, she would have been in "the system" and most probably a student of mine, and NG would have served time. This is what people of privilege and power get - to feel like they are above the laws they want everyone else to follow. If they are so "exceptional", there should be exceptions made just for them.

When NG was governor, the stories were so abundant, even I heard he was having an "affair", but could not have conceived that this was with a young girl. Either way it was reprehensible, but in fact, it was criminal, and he has yet to pay. If I'd only known the full story it would have been an easy decision for me - I wanted nothing from NG and he couldn't budge our family's convictions about doing what is right.

Sorry to hear there is such a lack of morality in the Arlington Club. If members think they are envied, they should think again. Most decent people would not want to have anything to do with people without integrity. Now, if they want to clean up their image, they should take a page from the Blazer's book and throw the bums out.

Personally, I think the lot of them should be sent a copy of Ursula LeGuin's story The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas. They certainly were willing to sacrifice a child for their own happiness.

From 2nd hand knowledge, I don't know if everyone knew about that poor girl but most knew he had an apt. in downtown Pdx that he used for assignations with many (fortunately) adult (married) women. Thank God, these are different times, and no, I don't think he will ever attempt public life again.

And his latest wife? Who could stand to live with so much risidual toxicity? Sounds horrible.

I dated a girl once who had been sexually abused. Much like Nolo describes, the abuse wreaked all sorts of havoc with her self-esteem, self-concept, and judgment about love and relationships. Watching her go through all sorts of turmoil as she tried to process what she had gone through and learn to love and trust other people (particularly men), I absolutely agree that there should be no limitations on credible allegations of child sexual abuse and that child rapists should receive punishment commensurate with the psychological damage they cause children.

Every victim is different and handles (or doesn't) the abuse differently upon reaching adulthood, and free will complicates things. You can't draw a direct line between Goldschmidt raping Dunham and her making destructive choices as an adult that ultimately ended her life. You can't say that Goldschmidt "killed" her per se, but in exploiting her and taking from her her innocence and trust, he inflicted a grievous psychic wound, and for that he should be punished.

Especially now that I'm a father and see how important attachment and trust are for children to grow up healthy, I am enraged that Goldschmidt walks among us a free man and will never pay for his crime. I am doubly enraged at his enablers, defenders, and lackeys who knew what he was doing and did nothing, or rushed to defend him (including by casting aspersions on Ms. Dunham); they are all but accessories to his crime.

Excuses and defenses for NG mixed with more sliming of the girl continue to this day, for instance on Oregonian online comments. They argue, for instance, that marriage of teen girls to older men used to be accepted in Western culture and remains so in some Eastern cultures. OK, yes. Just like slavery, indentured servitude, genital cutting and a whole bunch more evils for which the civilized standard should everywhere be zero tolerance.

Earl Blumenauer and
Ted Kulongoski
are members of good standing in the democrat pary. The party of women and minorities has no problem exploiting them.

Perhaps there needs to be a movement (via the ballot process) to remove the statute of limitations for raping a child (or raping anyone, for that matter). Call it the Goldschmidt Law. I know he couldn't be prosecuted under it, but it might help introduce a note of reality into his reputation and legacy.

"Every victim is different and handles (or doesn't) the abuse differently upon reaching adulthood, and free will complicates things. You can't draw a direct line between Goldschmidt raping Dunham and her making destructive choices as an adult that ultimately ended her life."

From what I read Dunham was an exceptional young lady before the monster Neil Goldschmidt got his hands on her. She was a top student at St. Mary's before he got to her, and she pretty much flunked out within a matter of months after the abuse started. It all seems like a pretty straight direct line from point A to point B to me. You are correct in stating that victims of abuse don't have to let their histories define them, but it takes a lot of hard work and therapy to overcome the trauma. Also compounding her problem was the fact that she was raped in her early 20's while living in Seattle, which may have been due to her lack of perspective in trusting yet another monster. Unfortunately, her mother in particular was in total denial, and she pretty much didn't have much of chance of overcoming the horrible things that happened to her. We can only hope that the bad karma catches up to Neil Goldschmidt some day.

HB 3057 would remove the statute of limitations for crimes committed against minors. I don't believe it has been scheduled for a hearing.

On occasion, someone around here will refer to me (erroneously) as a "hater", although at no time have I expressed hatred toward anyone or any thing. Disagreement, yes, and even disgust on occasion, as at the present time that describes what I feel toward the Goldschmidt enablers.

And I fully understand Nolo's view regarding the "parents" of the girl: And the parents - if they knew about it -- they should be strung up by their thumbs in a public square and convicted of child abuse and/or neglect.

I've often wondered about the "parents". How could they not have known? It's a question to which an answer will likely never be forthcoming.

As mentioned earlier, I dispute the characterization occasionally applied to me. I'm not a "hater"; rather an occasional "disputer". I'm not into religion, either - but if such a place as Hell exists, I do hope that special accommodations are made for the Goldschmidt cabal.

As for Neil himself, well, there I do fall into worship.

I worship the ground

that awaits him.

This past weekend as I was enjoying an evening out among close friends and the topic of NG came up, I clearly voiced my distain for the man.
One person said, “I don’t think I’d waste the time to pee on his grave.” I replied, “Me neither, I don’t like waiting in lines either. “
As for those who knew and did nothing. I won’t judge, I leave that to someone else.

FYI, other web sites are reporting that the Oregonian refused to publish this editorial.

Not too surprising.

Well said Gil! My sense of humor fails me on this topic, but I'm glad for the [black] humor of others nonetheless. Thanks.

As I've said before, I have great respect for Fred, as I did when we worked together when Neil was Governor (I in Economic Development). I will admit it was an exciting time, and talk that he was having an affair with someone in my office. I knew nothing about his pederast activities.

And then there's Vera- who continues to stand by her best boy, Mayor Creepy, a pederast and pathological liar. I used to be proud of my 24 year of public service. I feel like I need a shower now.

Thank goodness "people like Neil don't come along very often".
Or do they? Everyone of his cronies who condoned his behavior is just like him!
A pox on them all!

What's the statute of limitations in Oregon for human trafficking and slavery?

Yes, it's "not too surprising" that the Oregonian won't run Fred's editorial.

There's Editor Bob Caldwell's connections to Goldschmidt, his wife's past years of writing for the O, and now the Director of Communications at OHSU, a bastion of Goldschmidt cronies with Vera in the mix, and still Goldschmidt's firm working for OHSU. His sister-in-law working at OHSU. The stench of Goldschmidt connecting to SoWhat, the Tram, The Trolley in SoWhat, and now the proposed Milwaukie Lightrail through SoWhat and the Trolley to LO continues.

Blumenauer's Goldschmidt complicit blackmail is still paying off for his light rail, trolley cabal.


Goldschmidt Web of Power Chart

Who knew what, when?

Progressive thinkers blame the victim and call Goldschmidt a great man because he took up their cause... he slew the evil freeway, championed lightrail and moved the world a little closer to their narrow vision of how it ought to be.

Adams has already receieved similar leniency from progressive thinkers. I have no doubt he will be called a great man because he slew the evil motor vehicle, championed bicycles and streetcars, and again moved the world a little closer to their narrow vision of how it ought to be.

Like excuses for the CHEKA in the early days of the Soviet Union, progressive thinkers see collateral damage against individuals, even children, as a small price to pay as long as their champions move the world a little closer to their narrow vision of how it ought to be.

History repeats itself, even when it stinks.

So...last week there were a couple of jokes about how Sam ought to go to Bangkok where the pedophiles have free rein. (In the threads about him going to the wrong city on his Spanish trade junket.) This week there's outrage over a pedophile who raped a Portland girl. What's the life of a Thai girl worth? A new trade agreement?

We need to be careful of double-standards. It's easy to be outraged over NG's crimes and laugh over Sam's, as long as they happen elsewhere to somebody whose name we can never know.

In my fatalistic view, Neil is now in a hell of his own creation. It's not a quick & painful existence, but a slow and pitiful one. No matter what he accomplished as Mayor & Trans. Sec., his blatant disregard of the law & moral depravity predominate in the public mind, and always will. A classic case of getting b_&%ch slapped by one's own outsized ego. Every day, for the remainder of life.
But for the limitation period, he would be on parole subject to sex offender guidelines. That is a failure of justice.

NG was also police commissioner while he was raping the girl. He stood by and watched as other men went to prison for doing what he was doing. He should have joined them.

On that same subject, the same goes for certain mayors that have sexual relations with 17 year old minors, gay or straight.

Is there any possibility of one or more civil cases against Neil? He's probably hidden his money but the cases would help bring a little justice and expose his non-contrite demeanor.

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