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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Pete Seda walks

At least for now, misconduct by Oregon's federal law enforcement folk has this guy back out on the streets of Portland.

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The circle of buffoonery is almost complete. Bring on the advance for his Bio at a few Mil. & justice (lost somewhere along the way) will be done. Would the Jury have convicted Seda knowing the sole witness to key evidence was a "Paid Informant"? Thats the problem, Prosecutor misconduct left that key question unanswered. Now we must look to the US Attorney's Office for guidance. The ultimate outcome could make an interesting poll. A. What is Seda's fate: 1. "Prison" 2. "Freedom with conditions" 3. "Re-trial & book deal" while free pending trial.
B. Does it matter that he was not deemed a terrorist ? Y/N
How about a Poll Jack?

The man may well be an activist. If so, I'm certain that Portland's citizens will help by providing him with outreach facilities.

I can't help but notice that the DOJs domestic antiterrorism prosecutions seem at bit shaky

Anyone else?

Actually, he hails from Ashland (Oregonwise) so I imagine he might trend south. I dont know if the feds took his house and business.

As the stories point out, he lives in Portland now.

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