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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Where the treetops glisten

Cousin Jerry sends his annual card from Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania:

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Really nice! I think it was on NPR that I heard about a current controversy of that town's name.

Here's another one:

The mountain in the 1st pic makes it look lkie it's up in the alleghanies.

They changed the town's name from Mauch Chunk and bought Jim Thorpe's remains hoping the monument would become a tourist attraction.

Makes for a nice postcard, but I'm sure the residents aren't too thrilled about all that snow.

Like a scene from "It's A Wonderful Life"

Wait a few days - according to Piers Corbyn, you will be able to get much better snow pictures:

For NE/E USA we predicted (12-12-10)
Very Major snow and blizzard events will strike NE & E USA in a double hit centered around 25-27th & 29-30th Dec; One of the most significant snowfall/blizzard periods in NE & east USA for decades

From : http://www.weatheraction.com/displayarticle.asp?a=286&c=5


It's in the Poconos, a mountain range that runs through Pennsylvania.

Great pictures! Never knew much about Jim Thorpe, PA, but this prompted me to check it out. Sounds like a neat place (from Wikipedia):
In a poll conducted by Budget Travel magazine, Jim Thorpe was recently awarded a top 10 spot on America’s Coolest Small Towns, Circa 2009. The town registered 3,920 votes to land the #7 spot on the list. Jim Thorpe is becoming a tourist destination, with many businesses catering to white water rafting, mountain biking, paintball and hiking. Along with these sports, Jim Thorpe is popular among railroading fans and is known for its extraordinary architecture.

Great photos! Looks such a quite and pastoral place. But how the residents feel about all that snow?

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