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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Portland's "optional" leaf "fee" will cost $200K to administer

An alert reader reports:

A nice leaf lady from PDOT came to the Laurelhurst Neighborhood Association meeting this evening. Said the entire leaf-sweeping program costs $800,000 -- including $200,000 this year to administer the leaf fee. High cost, and low return, I'm guessing. Ouch.
Since no one in his or her right mind is going to pay the fee, at least not this year, that's $200,000 simply thrown down another Sam-Rand rat hole. The collective nervous breakdown known as the Adams administration continues.

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At this point, is Sam simply trying to guarantee city government employment for all of his old high school and college buddies, or are they coming on board solely so they can show that "experience" on their resumes?

How does this a compare to their estimated revenues (assuming people had not revolted)?

Do they expect it to cost $200,000 next year, or were there extra upfront costs?

At the opening session of the PBOT citizen budget advisory committee meeting on Tuesday 30 November, PBOT explained that they had to hire 1 new full time employee to admi nister the leafe fee program.

Great idea, no?

Go by bankruptcy.

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