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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Hello, Dad? About that apartment...

Some young Portland women phone home from the Big Apple.

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Easy solution: Don't get an apartment on the Upper East Side if you can't afford it. Live in the Bronx or Queens.

Too many of us are still living in la-la land.

"combined salaries equal 40 times the monthly rent"

Geez, makes Portland look cheap (at income = 3x rent)

And you would WANT to move to NYC because why????

Just another in a long list of reasons to NOT move there.

Geez, makes Portland look cheap (at income = 3x rent)

The article refers to annual income compared to monthly rent. I think you're referring to Portland's monthly income requirement being 3x rent. At that ratio, annual Portland income requirement is not so far off at 36x rent.

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