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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

End of an era?

There's an amusing item in the Murmurs column at Willamette Week this morning. Dave Hunt, speaker of the Oregon House, thought he would be throwing his weight around on the recently passed state ballot measure designating lottery dollars to parks and open space. Hunt opposed the measure and reportedly was going to try to limit it. But funny thing -- without a Democratic majority in the House, he has no weight to throw around.

Does that mean we'll no longer our annual New Year's card from old Dave, showing him with his wife and kids? Without it, we'll need a new reminder of what a bizarre state we live in.

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That's a good thing, however with a democratic majority in both houses Dr. Re-run can get his agenda (environment and MLR) passed.

Hello! He doesn't have a majority in the House. It's 30-30.

Phil. Put down the joint and read the paper

I for one am not loosing any tears because Dave Hunt is loosing power and influence. I only wish he would have been thrown out of office.

You should be crying because you don't know how to spell "lose."

Remember that great Beatles song, I'm a looser?

Dave Hunt & Peter Buckley own & operate a House Builders PAC. I'm not sure the enormous amounts of cash and media buys they threw around this year bought them much. They tried to buy a House Rep in Southern Oregon and it backfired bigtime. It was a filthy campaign.

That's all I know about Dave Hunt and I'd say that's enough. I'm thrilled the House is tied up and the Senate is still hanging owing also to a race in my part of the state.

I just think its creepy to send a holiday card with the family photo to strangers.

I just think its creepy to send a holiday card with the family photo to strangers.

I agree - especially when the photo is of a creep's family.

Dave Hunt must have been the kid everyone picked on. If you have evey spoken to him, and I have, you would understand what a light weight he really his. He cannot think past two steps in front of himself. It is all about his ego. I am glad this creep's power is way diminished and so are most of the other Dems in the House.

Reminds me of a time we received Christmas photo cards from an old friend of mine, pre-marriage. It bugged my wife, "Who are these people?? And why do they keep sending pictures of their family??"

'I just think its creepy to send a holiday card with the family photo to strangers'

And the same could be said of people who then post it on the web and the others who look at it, whatever the motive.....

I post here what politicians send me. The creepiness is all theirs.

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