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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Another knee surgery for Oden

That's the rumor. Since it would be microsfracture surgery, it would be breaking news -- literally.

UPDATE, 8:44 p.m.: ESPN just broke into tonight's excruciatingly boring NBA game with a report to the same effect.

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Updated Twain:

"Suppose I were an NBA regular season game. And suppose I were excruciatingly boring. Ah, but I repeat myself."

I somehow doubt we'll ever see him play another NBA game, here or elsewhere.

I say we stick with him. This is so monumentally screwed up that it's a chance to make a statement of defiance that could define us for generations.

Alas, it already has, Bill.

Out for season/ever.


You gotta feel bad for the guy (yes, even with his millions)...

At least he has his photography to fall back on.

Maurice Lucas rest his soul, commented that Oden would be the next Bowie when he was selected in the draft. He was right. Shame what has gone down for Greg. Seems like a nice guy too. He is toast in the NBA...."Bad Pins" is what Maurice said.

Here's a confession that I haven't made in public yet - after 30 years in Portland and having never attended a Blazer's game (various reasons but the principle one is the one that you would expect), I was given a free ticket to that particular game. I attended. The injury happened in the first quarter, as I recall.

I read the news last night and I just felt sick for Greg Oden and Trail Blazer Ken and all the fans.

Oh well - at least it looks like Pryzbilla will be coming back sometime soon...

"I say we stick with him."

How much you think we can get for him this summer when he becomes a RFA? The only guy in the league that might go for him would be MJ in Charlotte.

God, Sam Bowie at least played a full season once - Didn't he?

I read this over at Dwight Jaynes and it kind of blew me away:

'You are aware, I presume, that this is also the franchise that could have drafted Michael Jordan, Larry Bird and Kevin Durant, right? These guys lost Hakeem Olajuwon on a coin toss. And it’s a franchise that traded Moses Malone when he was just a kid. All could have been Trail Blazer for life. None were.'

Now THAT's what I call *Sustainability!*

Jason Quick said this morning that Greg Oden will never again play in a Blazer uniform. When his contract comes up this summer, it will take a minimum of $9million to keep Greg and Cho won't take that kind of risk. "It's time to turn the page."

john rettig - I had a ten game package last year, and that was one of my games. However, due to a conflict, I missed most of the first quarter. My seat was at the defensive end, where the injury happened - people around there said you could hear the snap.

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