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Monday, November 15, 2010

Another creative class member goes berserk

This time in Santa Cruz, but I'd bet he'll be trying Portland out soon.

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Jack, I think you forgot what it was like when dad railed about your fellow hippies ( usually folks you didn't even know) who did something you couldn't agree with yourself.. spiking someones food with LSD, burning a flag,etc...
Undoubtedly, many of Portlands 'creative class' would be equally intolerant of someone running over a toddler with a bike..or any evil on a toddler,regarless of mode.
With all your many rants about Portlands 'creative class', I wonder how many you really know.

Since "creative class" is such an amorphous concept, I wonder, too. If we're talking about young white-collar workers, I know quite a few. But people like the overcaffeinated biker and the eco-bank robbers? You're right, I don't know too many of those. Thank goodness.

If anything, that guy's mug shot looks a tad more sane than this guy from Portland that went on a rampage in Milwaukie:


So simple! Even a caveman can do it!

Jack, you might like this essay. It gets interesting about halfway through.


Thanks for the article, ecohuman.

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