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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sittin' there pickin' their 'dogs

Our players have spoken! Here are the underdog picks for this week in our charity pro football prediction contest:

8.5 JACKSONVILLE vs. Indianapolis - Bob, genop, Eric
8 ARIZONA at San Diego - pdxmick, Gary
6.5 SAN FRANCISCO at Atlanta - Mike G.
6.5 DENVER at Tennessee - Biggest Cubs Loser, Andy, Doug
6 WASHINGTON at Philadelphia - Paul, Ricardo, Larry Legend, john dull, Gordon, Drewbob, AKevin, Annie, PJB
4.5 BUFFALO vs. New York Jets - Hank
3 CLEVELAND vs. Cincinnati - Broadway Joe
3 OAKLAND vs. Houston - genop's gal
3 CHICAGO at New York Giants - Matt, Flowers by Dorcas, Flowers by Dorcas Husband, Sattelihu, Anthony, Jim, Bad Brad, Michael K., Umpire
1.5 BALTIMORE at Pittsburgh - Nick

And here's Lola's choice:

Comments (2)

Let's hope the Ravens have what it takes to dump the ketchup team into the trash.

Can I get a witness... Quoth the Ravens... the steel curtain was torn at the end...

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