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Sunday, October 3, 2010

It's not just the bloggers

Anonymous political attacks are coming through traditional channels as well.

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Yup, and it's in the interests of these terrori$t$ with a B as in billions that we talk about anonymous bloggers as the threat.

Frank Rich's column today is absolutely spot-on perfect: the whole anti-incumbent, anti-elite shtick is nothing but window dressing the real malefactors of great wealth pour over a spiel that hasn't changed since Will Rogers' day:


Rumors I've heard say that Loren Parks has his hand in this. Maybe Carla "Everyone's a Bagger" Axtman will turn her keen journalist, um I mean blogger, eye on this.

Oh BooHoo For DeFazio. The old bald headed turkey has made a career of being in Congress from one of the most liberal ditricts in the state. If he doesn't like the attack ads, I'm sure he could spend some of his own money to counter them.
Union supported groups have been posting these kinds of ads for years - now some Democrats are "surprised" that they are now targets from groups that want them gone. Oh the phoney outrage...

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