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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Forget Dudley

He's in bed with Gerding Edlen.


And with that revelation his only appealing aspect disappears -- the prospect that he might break the Portland region's hopeless pattern of developer welfare.

It appears we may be sitting the governor's race out entirely. Or hey, write in Jack Bogdanski! The right guy for the job.

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I can't make that leap that Dudley being sucked into the condo craze is the same as a Homer getting in bed with Gerding Edlen.

And having been burned would he not be less likley to be either investing more of his own or the public's money?

Sitting out may only help Kitzhaber.

Sorry Jack -

You don't get to load up the furniture and move to Mahonia Hall.

You are being saved as the write in for the Portland Mayoral race in 2012.

Poor Dave Lister is going to Salem on my write in if I am truly convinced that Dudley is not better than Kitzhaber v.2

I'm shocked that a republican is for passing along taxpayer money to his rich cronies.

This is surprising how?

Write ins are good for the protest vote. But I think that you doth protest too much.

You would be a much better alternate candidate, who could easily topple the faux leaders locally. The name 'Bogdanski' statewide might not register anything but a "Bog-who?" south and east of PDX, but in Stumptown, it would replace the current Mayor in a heartbeat. Especially since keeping the Sam-Rand twins are leading Portland towards a heart attack.

Between Mayor Creepy, Radon Randy Leonard, David the corporate water engineer shill Shaff, Brown, Kitzhaber, The Legend, Hughes, Sponge Bob Stacey,and now Dudley, it's time to load up the U-Haul. Good luck everybody, especially Grandma Milly.

You would have been a good Mayor/ Governor Jack.

Harry, if we write in Jack Bog for gov. it will help his name familiarity for the 2012 mayoral write-in. /* assumes humor of this is evident */

Seriously, I like the idea of a protest write in for gov. I used to do it all the time when Frank Ivancie was mayor, just to show his vulnerability. Others did too and he got toppled. Maybe the write in for gov. would show a third party that there is dissatisfaction out there. As long as the third party is fiscal responsible and fairly centerist.

Give me a write-in name to vote for and I'll do it.

Heck, right now I'm contemplating "George W. Bush" for Governor (or Mayor) and that's a pretty harsh critique of the idiots we have running City Hall and the Capitol. So who'll it be - Jack, or Dave Lister?

Take it easy Jack. Dudley invested and lost money on a Gerding Edlen deal. I can't make the leap that somehow he'll be in bed wth them as governor. If anything, after having been burned as an investor, he's intimate with the downside of Gerding Edlen's dealings.

After seeing how developers have been riding the gravy train under many democrat administrations at all levels, I'm not going to let this scare me as being some sort of canary in the coal mine.

...At least Dudley invested his own money with Gerding...not ours as current and prior administrations have.

This doesn't change anything for me, I'm still voting for him.

I always write in my own name, if I don't like the candidates and think I could do a better job.

I'm shocked that a republican is for passing along taxpayer money to his rich cronies.

Me too. This is Oregon, that type of behavior is reserved for Democrats.

Vote for Nader! It's worked so well in the past.

Hope you got your votes together
Hope you're quite prepared to cry
Looks like we're in for nasty weather
Don't even bother asking why

Don't go around tonight
Well you're bound to take flight
There's some bad pols on the rise

Final apology to John Fogerty

Kitzhauber has a girlfriend who gets funding from the state. Legislators take high-paying jobs with firms that do business with the government after leaving office. All kinds of politicians take campaign money from corporations, individuals and PACs. So Dudley is being creamed because he might be unduly influenced by his wealthy friends? I don't see the difference. Politicians (and bureaucrats) at every economic level are in position to benefit from their time spent in public service. Perhaps we ought to be looking at ethics rules and asking for more disclosure, and prohibiting some types of financial deals rather than assuming what someone might do in office.

Dudley's trickle-down tax-cut blather is old and tired. The main thing I liked about him was that he didn't seem to be a Gerding Edlen type. I was wrong about that, and without that, he doesn't get my vote.

"I was wrong about that, and without that, he doesn't get my vote."

Jack, I respect your distaste regarding any sort of affiliation Dudley may have with Gerding Edlen -- even as a private investor in Gerding's California projects, but seriously?

The SEIU, OEA, and all things Milwaukie Light Rail will certainly appreciate your position.

Mark Edlen is a dyed in the wool Democrat who supports all of the usual causes and candidates. That said, business can make for interesting bedfellows as much as politics. I don't think losing a couple of million bucks for Dudley in a real estate boondoggle in LA is going to endear him to our potential next Governor. Another example of this is RE developer Terry Bean who made a lot of money for all those same people both Dems and Reps. When the market turned however, all those same close friends who he made so much money for are now suing him.

You might consider that Dudley has learned a valuable lesson in losing his own money with Gerding/Edlen. One that we as voters might benefit from. In the end even if Dudley wins, I'm sure he'll be getting a very prompt phone call from Neil that will be very nice polite and frank about how you get things done in this state. Getting knocked around by Shaq will seem like child's play after that call.

Thanks for considering me as a write in candidate. I promise if elected I will make no loans (because I haven't the money) and I will take no loans (because I don't like being in debt).

Hey, you've got my vote. All I have to do to become an Oregon voter (much like Texas) is to promise that someday I'll move back, right?

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