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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Fifth time's a charm

On the wire today: The revelation that embattled Senator Lisa Murkowski of Alaska failed the bar exam in that state four times before passing it. That's one more flunk than Oregon's senior senator, who, unlike Murkowski, gave up after three.

Failing that test -- once -- could happen to anybody.

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heh...That's what YOU say...

Wished he would have passed the exam.

Out of curiosity how did Blumenauer do on the bar exam?

Earl is not presently listed as a member of the Oregon State Bar, which indicates that he probably never passed the Oregon bar exam. But there's no indication anywhere I can find as to whether he actually took it, and if so, how often.

I think Hillary Clinton failed it a few times.

Sec. Clinton never passed the bar in DC. She failed multiple times, and finally passed the bar exam in Arkansas only.

How many flunkies do we have running our country?


Your "email us here" button does some fairly mad things on my computer, so I'm leaving the message here.

Kenton is about a block or so from the mayor's home. It's been undergoing sidewalk repair and repaving for many months now.

When walking to the new library (a very mall -like experience)I saw that instead of asphalt the street is being paved with cement, such as you find for heavy truck traffic on Swan Island or further out on the peninsula heading toward the marine terminals.

After inquiry, I'm pretty sure that they are going to cobble this already very high dollar road. A road which is bordered by the only bio-swales in this part of Portland.

It is all a very lengthy and fantastically expensive bit of new/old Europe/America in a section of ton distinguished only by the mayor's proximity.

I think there has to be another Arkansas joke in there somewhere. ;)

Must not have taken Bar-Bri!


I just took the AK bar. In defense of Lisa, it is the second hardest bar.

"After her fourth failure, she and a friend who also struggled with it went to Portland, Ore., to take a preparatory course. During the course, they learned strategies for successfully tackling the standardized portion."

Well no s*** Sherlock, most grads who expect to pass the exam take the prep course. Amazing it took her four tries before it dawned on her to take the prep course.

I know lots of people who passed the OR bar on the first try. Of course none of them have political aspirations.

In my opinion, anyone who doesn't take advantage of the Bar Bri is an idiot. It's almost like cheating because they hire ringers to take the test every year, and you find out what is likely to be on the test vs. what is never on the test. Their practice tests, especially the multi-state exams, are very realistic and give you a good idea of how prepared you are. If a person is smart enough to make it through law school they are smart enough to pass the bar exam. Aside from being smart enough to take the Bar Bri, it's more about work ethic and taking the thing seriously than anything else. You can't assume that just because you were a hot shot in law school that you can just waltz in and pass the test with a bunch of b.s. issue spotting because a lot of what you learned in law school isn't even on the test and visa versa. Flunking the bar more than twice is inexcusable in my book, and I would be very suspect of any lawyer who is a member of that inglorious club.

Does "Voluntary Surrender" apply to anyone of significance?

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