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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Your tax dollars at work

Portland City Hall just gets stranger and stranger. I love canning and the people who do it, but forgive me if I'm tired of paying taxes to be preached to about it. All the while advertising for commercial outfits, of course. Thanks, Sustainable Susan!

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This one takes the cake. Rather than telling us to read some hip glossy mag edited by a guy who dresses like Steve Jobs, this post advertises for classes that little guys like you and me have to pay for.

And the tone of the post: I don't eat pork, so I'm better than you.

What a load of cr*p! The county and state extension services and the 4H clubs do a better job of information, and have been doing so for years!
And exactly WHY does Portland have an 'office of sustainability' anyway???
I bet "sustainable Susan" has never canned a thing in her life! We should CAN her!!!

I think you could call canning "sustainable" only if you first grew the produce you are canning. Otherwise you are just diverting produce from the commercial stream before it gets to the processing plant. (I know, I know, some of the produce sold for canning comes from small family farms that wouldn't be in business were it not for home canners.)

Good (but non-sustainable) reasons to can: flavor (a home-canned peach tastes like a peach, not like a tin can), quality control, ingredient control, price (sometimes, but not always), the joy of sharing a jar of home-made jam or other treat, and satisfaction from a job well done. And, a 6-pack of canned peaches or a basket of homemade jam usually goes for a high price at those pesky school auctions!

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