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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Why I went to law school

There are some other jobs that I wouldn't be good at.

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Those guys that do that job are definitely cut from a different cloth. Imagine what that would be like if it was windy and the tower was moving back and forth a little. Just watching that made my heart beat go up, and I'm a guy that thinks rock climbing is a great way to relax on weekends.

Like Kevin, I've done some rock climbing, and you can used to the exposure. But the safety line that this guy employed had some pretty sketchy attachment points on the way up, until he got to the very top and used a licking carabiner to tie in. Those horizontal bolts gave me the willies.

I don't even like being on my step ladder cleaning my gutters.

I certainly hope the RF was turned off!

Climbing while having a live antenna to 50KW or more is not to my taste at all.

I got a sick feeling in my stomach just watching that. He earns every dollar.

Wonder if the descent is trickier? It looked like a bad dream to me.

OMG. I'm ready to urp!

those guys climbed it and had attaching points -- but what about the guys who built the darn thing? What did they use? Bamboo scaffolds? Yike-a-roonie!

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