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Monday, September 27, 2010

Tweet of the Year

From David Gregory of NBC News:

My girl lost her first tooth. Got 5 bucks from tooth fairy. I told her I only got 1 dollar. Her reply, "the world changes."

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I only got 25 cents. A one time only event at that!

My God, I must really be old, I only got a nickle.

Can't wait to see the tweet when Mr. Gregory gets the consult on color (hot pink or azure blue I was asked yesterday) for the braces -- the price goes up, way up.

Finally, a glimpse into the true miracle of Twitter.

Kids I know (including mine, still losing teeth, fortunately all baby teeth so far) get $1 (and I got 25... hey, where IS the cent key on the keyboard anyway... don't use that one much, I guess).

This is probably why people in David Gregory's tax bracket need that tax cut.

On another note, I can't believe this blog, with its interest in, um, unique transportation issues, has not yet commented upon the Segway story (google "segway cliff" if you haven't read about it already!).

Wait until she hears how much the IRS gets of that five bucks. Some things never change.

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