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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The SOS always rings twice

Oregon Secretary of State Kate Brown was back testifying today about Saturday postal delivery. Good luck.

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I think Kate is going to have a struggle raising the troops for this one.

When all it delivers is bills and print solicitation (including election porn), what's one less more day a week that I don't get USPS junk mail in the postbox?

More or less...depends. Oops.

SOS Brown is so out to lunch on this issue. The USPS needs to drop Saturday because it is pointless and worhtless, even my mail carrier agrees and she could see a reduction of hours!

I still don't fully like mail in elections either. To much of a chance for dead people to vote...

[Mail in elections provide] too much of a chance for dead people to vote.

That sort of thing has also happened in regular elections.

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