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Monday, September 27, 2010

The Segway guy died

I've gotten a bunch of e-mail messages all day alerting me to this story. All I can say is that it is sad.

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Not to diminish the tragedy of his premature death, but he wasn't the founder of Segway. He just purchased the company in early 2010.

He was something of a Horatio Alder type from Leeds, and a provider of "Hesco bastions" to industrial, municipal, and military buyers. These bastions effectively replaced sandbags where prepositioning of equipment and material was possible in advance of installation.

How many people are injured or killed on Segways?

Do you think the fact that the freakin' CEO of the company died on one will be used as an exhibit in a personal injury or wrongful death suit?

I'm sorry he lost his life.

But building a Segway model that is intended for outdoor, rugged terrain activities, and allowing those who might not otherwise hike in these areas access to do these kind of activities, is an excellent example of technology and the machine getting too far in front of the political, social, environmental, and yes, human limitation consequences.

Sad irony, but an off-road Segway? Part of me wants to rent one for a couple hours. Another part wonders, do we really need more risky activities? So I did what most inquiring minds do these days, found a youtube clip:
After viewing the footage for a couple seconds, the thought occurred - when will the daring among us learn to strap on a helmet & pad up - or do we need to legislate more common sense behavior?

What I want to know is, what's the trick for riding a Segway and not looking like a tool? Somebody needs to invent THAT.

If you are too old to walk you probably lack the balance and reactions for riding a Segway.

Helmets are live savers,at 5 mhp or 50, concrete is just too hard.

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