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Monday, September 6, 2010

Reduce, reuse, ewwww!

The denizens of Beijing are letting nothing go to waste.

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Don't give Randy ant bad ideas, but then it might explane his obsession with the street potty's.

Friends of ours live in China and have to deal with things like cornmeal "stretched" with sand.

The blog says Whole Foods. Well, Chinese "Organic" products can be found in New Seasons as well. In the Frozen Food freezer, you will find Tri-Peppers and Baby French Green Beans labeled organic from China. I recall the brand as being Woodstock Farms.

Read every label!

I used to shop at Fubonn quite a bit. However, my list of what are considered safe items from China and SE Asia continues to shrink. I just don't feel we can trust Chinese producers and suppliers to meet even the most basic of sanitation and food safety requirements. I am not a locavore, vegan, or devotee of organic foods, but I would like at the very least not to be poisoned...

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