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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

PGP, WFP, and IND are PO'ed

Oregon's minor political parties don't want their party names abbreviated on the ballot. Since Secretary of State Kate Brown and her election folks are planning to do just that for the November election, the whole thing is going to county court down in Salem.

You can't blame the small parties. They sit up all night dreaming up names for themselves like Working Families Party, and then Brown puts them down as "WFP." I mean, WTF?

And if Brown prevails, will they be changing their names to something that abbreviates as MOM, USA, POT, LUV, SEX, FUN, KKK, GOD, or HOT? Will the state Supreme Court have to rule on the proposed abbreviations? Will the DMV's custom license plate rulings be regarded as precedent? Ah, the joys of democracy.

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Jack, You need to found, run and represent the WTF Party. Givaways of public assets to private parties that are rich enough already -- WTF? Ruining Civic Stadium for everything else so rich boy can have private soccer parties -- WTF? Mayor in car crash with open container and fly -- WTF? Bus service cut to fund rails to nowhere -- WTF? Bus commute pushing $5 per day -- WTF? Police pogrom against disabled -- WTF?

I saw an internet signature line once that has always stayed with me:

"Democracy is great until you get to the part about letting any old yay-hoo vote."

George Anonymuncule Seldes,

It isn't only about letting any old yay-hoo vote - now there are other factors in play:

Letting the old two party machinery get by with "no real choice" candidates and the set-up to marginalize the other parties.

Letting the old mainstream media system play the dominant role in our elections.

Letting any old senile Congress members stay in no matter what.

Seems to be tighter than a drum with no significant changes in the old system except the new fancy election machines that now take care of our elections.

I hope the minor political parties PWN the SOS.

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