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Sunday, September 12, 2010

On beyond PERS

Former Oregon Secretary of State Bill Bradbury has been handed a plum three-year assignment on the Northwest Power Planning Council at a nifty $107,000 a year. You wonder how many hours a week that entails.

His salary as secretary of state was $72,000.

Interestingly, the highest paid employee in the secretary of state's office currently is former Portland City Auditor Gary Blackmer, who's pulling down a cool $140,964 plus beni's.

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So, on top of Tier 1 PERS, good ol' Bill gets a secure sinecure with a plum federal salary, Cadillac health insurance, and federal retirement. Those public servants just give and give and give.

Right now he and Bill Wyatt are filling their hot tubs with Dom Pérignon ...

That disgusts me. In my opinion, there is just no way any state employee should be making more than $100k.

Oregon members of the Power Planning Councils are employees of the State of Oregon so he will be adding to years of seniority and set a new level for his highest salary. The three years highest salary are a key part of calculating PERS benefits.

Bradbury replaces Melinda Eden, an outstanding Council member who would have liked to continue her service

The gift that keeps on giving. Thank god for term limits, it makes it easy for a lame duck to plan ahead.

Remember this the next time the public employee unions start their song and dance about the "sacrifices" their members make for those of us not on the government draw...

Blackmer was a joke as city auditor. What a waste.

In some respects of the individuals who are being named and 'blamed' here in this PERS investigative expose, I agree. But ...

It's a creepy feeling to recognize the 'styling' of the gripes (sour gripes?) as 'overpaid,' 'undeserving,' 'ineffective,' indicting public employees -- which includes every military troop: that's a public employee, just to remind us whose 'work' is being griped about -- here sometimes and on LIARS Larson FULLtime, is exactly the 'styling' of the rightwingy fascist propaganda framejob.

Like here's the memo to rightwing haters of public employees, sent out recently from Rupert Murdoch's Wall Street Journal:

John Fund Attacks Public Workers By Claiming ‘Very Few Teachers Have Been Laid Off’ - ThinkProgress.org, By Zaid Jilani, Sep 12th, 2010

One of the right’s newest crusades has been to claim that public employees are overpaid and have too much job security. As Jonathan Cohn writes, it is almost as if “public employees are the new 'welfare queens'.

The Wall Street Journal’s John Fund was the latest to push this crusade this morning on Fox & Friends. During a discussion about public employees’ pay and the New Jersey budget, Fund complained that public employees have “far more job security than private employees” and that their “benefits and pay packages are bigger than the average private sector salary.” He even went as far as to say that “public servants are in danger of becoming the public masters.” As evidence, he told the Fox host that “very few teachers have been laid off in New Jersey or elsewhere” ....

[ ... blah blah blah ... ]

... it is clear that teachers — and the children and communities that depend on them — have suffered greatly during the recession.

It is also worth noting that there is little merit to the notion that public workers are wildly overpaid versus their private sector counterparts. As a study by the National Institute for Retirement Security shows [n.b. active LINK in the original], once you factor in comparable education, “employees of state & local government earn an average of 11% and 12% less, respectively, than comparable private sector employees.”

And where public employees are better off than private employees, in pay and pension, then private employees might be the faulted ones, beat down by not standing up IN UNION by and of and for themselves. If you think public employee jobs are so great, get one.

I stated I agree with some of the griping that goes around about some individuals. I'm not sure Oregon's public employees are more or less than other States' gaming the system; same way I can't compare Portland's with other cities' public-coffer slurpers. In my personal experience the East Coast is much more graft-ridden and corruption-clogged than Out West ... who is surprised at that!?

I just like to see the gripes go on a case-by-case basis, naming individuals and the height of their audacious daylight robberies, which is mostly how Jack does it here.

The worst rightwingy fascism propagandist, LIARS, does totally the opposite, such as generalizing all State public employees are an unbearable tax-burden affliction since a temporary aide in the Eastern Oregon Potato Commission's Undersecretary's Office filched twenty bucks out of petty cash. He . exactly . regurgitates . the . chunks . of . propaganda . tongue-poop.

Stupidly, LIARS is correct; sadly, that public employees' wages are bankrupting taxpayers' personal livelihoods because the onerous military is the public employment most overpaid for least usefulness and unnecessary 'career' -- Defensing USA overseas where no threats or enemies exist, whereas the most grave danger to this country is in this country: Limbaugh, Beck, LIARS, FUX News, book burners, education haters, blackmail-coerced politicians, bigoted racist gay-bashing xenophobes, rightwingy fascists.

5 billion bucks wasted last week -- your taxes and mine -- in Iraq and Afghanistan, (literally 1000 other military bases around the planet unaccounted in that, 'top secret' bookkeeping). 5 billion bucks more this week. 5 billion bucks more next week. For going on 7 years, 350 weeks, now.

... say, what was that State Budget 'shortfall' again?


"Education haters"?

Did you get that from your buddy Randy Leonard.

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