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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Off with their heads

Here in Portland, you tell the Sam-Rand Twins what they want or hear, or else. Now Mayor Creepy and the Fireman have fired the entire citizen's budget advisory panel at the police bureau.

How long will the residents of the city put up with these guys? Not only is it bad for the average person's morale, but it's also extremely unattractive to businesses, when City Hall is an out-of-control middle school student body run by a couple of mean, dim-witted kids that nobody likes.

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this is the appropriate response:

Responding to a negative newspaper review of a concert of his music, Max Reger dropped a note to the reviewer:

"I am sitting in the smallest room in my house. Your review (dismissal?) is before me. Soon, it will be behind me."

Mayor Creepy yet again engages in government terrorism against those who have the temerity to disagree with him.

Is anybody really surprised?

Recall? Impeach? Indict?

Are you kidding? Get rid of Sam Adams? I don't think so. This is Portland.

He's a Democrat (5%). He poses on a bike (10%). He talks green (20%). He'll give the government employee unions anything they want (15%). He's gay (10%). Do the math -- that adds up to landslide re-elect.

Another question might be... how much longer will the prætorians put up with this particular cæsar?

Jack - Your gay % is way too high... a fair amount of the gay community cannot stand him... we're not blindly or stupidly loyal.. that's a right wing trait.

Ivancie ran all over everyone until someone who could pull enough support from those who voted regularly and cared put Bud Clark in office.

It's possible to vote the tranwhore out.. and he and the Fireman are doing their level best to piss off just about everyone over time. It will happen.

Even with being gay getting him only 1%, he wins on the first ballot. And it will always be quite a bit higher than that, if he has a straight opponent.

Sam will win because the issues where he is truly horrible are not issues that matter to 50%+1 of the Portland voting public, sad to say. He's down in the polls? He'll just do some interview about his backyard chickens and how he loves food carts! Zing! Back up in the polls. I'm a Democrat and a progressive, but the way Portlanders vote is starting to make me sick.

The state of city government is hilarious until I'm hit with the realization that I live in this city. A failing school system, collapsing infrastructure, and a downtown that is on life support (my new game in my office - count the vacants). I really hope we get someone with some sense to challenge Sam, because this town won't survive another term.

You know, the reason to fire those guys is in this story:


We're basically going to a country where The Kings Can Do No Wrong -- from minor pissant bureaucrats like SamRand up to the CIA functionaries who rely on bogus intel to decide who to snag and torture, to GW Obama, who declares the authority to have an American killed without benefit of trial, purely on the say-so of advisors.

Sure it's wildly different in degree, but it's the exact same process: you fire any citizen who dares mention that your s--t stinks the same as any other. Before you know it, you've got "national security" -- a phrase that's appears nowhere in the Constitution, by the way -- being used to justify protecting torturers and murderers from ... us.

Now I know what it must have been like when the Roman Republic gave way to the empire -- they kept the forms of democracy around, but that was just for the amusement of the rulers.

Prevaricator fire thyself.

Sam will self-destruct in a very public way before his term expires. The only unknown is the timing. He's going down.

"you tell the Sam-Rand Twins what they want or hear, or else"

Not necessarily. The PURB has told Randy not to raise water/sewer rates for 3 years running and you see how well Randy listened to that.

I think this sent a pretty clear signal to the Utilities Review Board: Shut up about the sewer dollars being used for Voter Owned Elections and to bike lanes.

The key question for the vast majority of Oregon's population that doesn't live in Portland is: how do we protect ourselves from the inevitable financial meltdown that is coming? The folks at City Hall don't understand anything about how a private economy works, how money works, what's a reasonable level of debt, why huge unfunded mandates are bad, etc. We have to make sure that the citizens of Portland are the only ones who have their financial lives destroyed when it all comes crashing down. No bailouts for PDX!

Sam won't be voted out unfortunately. A majority of the Portland voters don't pay attention to news, blogs, or current events. Which means they have no idea that Sam is an idiot. It's sad, but true.

Those citizens who faithfully gave their volunteer time most likely were not in favor of a recall - wonder how they feel now?

How do cititzens in general feel now that the puppet is showing his true colors more clearly.

Many of us already knew of the public process charade.

The Portland Utility Review Board was hand picked by Leonard so he could get all his projects supported. He screened the candidates. The budget recommendations were staged for show, knowing it made great theater. Leonard got to show who's boss...that was the whole point. The firing of this board evened things out and allowed more opportunity for hand picking a new board. Cagey cabezon...that Randy Leonard.

How long will the residents of the city put up with these guys?

It looks like a battered person syndrome.
Back for more.
Heaven help us, do we have to leave this city to escape this abuse? Where would we all go? Many more would leave if they could. This is so distressing from the local level all the way up to national and global.

Charles A. Wilhoite, the new chairman of the citizen's budget advisory panel, currently serves as Chairman of the Board of Directors at OHSU...A bastion of fiscal responsibility and careful budgeting. Heh, heh.

Must be payback time for Mr. Wilhoite.

Where is the little piggy that he can use as a foot stool?

Flunkee #3:

Your highness, the budget committee has deemed your figures to be a tad fluffy.

His Royal Pain:


Garage Wine, you may be right that this board's firing might reflect on all the other boards, commissions, URACs, etc.-shut up. But when you aren't being paid for all of your donated time, expenses and expertise to participate in Portland's supposedly "transparent" governance, then there will be a backlash. And I think it will be soon. I know of several individuals that have quietly given up in serving, but that is going to change. Adams firing is just as rude, as some claim, as Canzano's interview with Adams.

Most of these posts make me feel paralyzed with depression and angst. The prospect of living in a city where this schmuck could be re-elected just stops me in my tracks. It truly makes me fear for the future of politics in this country.

Where to move to is a subject of despair in our household, where we make glancing occasional references to Slovenia. A while ago, husband stopped joking about how the only way he'll leave our house (the third cosmetic fixer house in our thirteen years of marriage), is feet first. Now he never contradicts me when I say that we'll move if Adams get re-elected. There's enough wrong with this city in general, it would just be the final straw for both of us.

Silverton. A tango B and B in Silverton.
Now THEY have a cool gay mayor.

So Sam only wants citizen volunteers who won't say "the emperor has no clothes".

Charles A. Wilhoite, the new chairman of the citizen's budget advisory panel, currently serves as Chairman of the Board of Directors at OHSU

He's also on the PDC board. Wilhoite seems to be the go-to guy for so many of Sam's needs.

gaye... I wouldn't confuse gay with transgender..... just saying... they are not at all the same.

A majority of the Portland voters don't pay attention to news, blogs, or current events

I don't think it's necessarily that - rather, a majority of Portland voters have been lied to so many times, they just don't care about the election or city politics. No matter who is in office (Mayor, Council, etc.) they will be screwed.

The best thing that could happen would be:

1. All areas south of I-84 and east of I-205 secede from Portland and form their own city.

2. All areas north of I-84 and east of I-205 do the same thing.

3. St. Johns (west of the BNSF trench) do the same.

4. Southwest Portland (all areas south and west of Johns Landing) do the same.

At that point, Portland would be reduced to its core while the "lied to" parts of Portland could go their own way.

Then break up Metro and TriMet and the Port of Portland...Portland will be just like Salt Lake City. A city whose population is only about 10% of the entire metro region and the suburbs have a true say in regional issues.

Erik H. - could we ammend #4 to be all areas South and West of SoWat? I want out and so do a lot of my friends and neighbors.

Erik H.
What would the process be to secede from Portland? How difficult would it be? Sounds like a plan and might be easier than all who are disenchanted having to move out to get away from the abuse. If it takes signatures, people might line up for that.

St. Johns was its own city before Portland.
I told some of the leaders there years ago to take their power back and secede from Portland.

What happens to a community when it is this bad? The abuse of power and charade only of democratic process. . after what period of time do people "give up"? I remember at one council hearing a citizen came up to me and said she was surprised anyone comes down anymore, just the stubborn ones come now. And - that was years ago under Katz, so this has been going on a long time.

gaye harris:Most of these posts make me feel paralyzed with depression and angst. . .

I for one am relieved that people are carrying on about this.

For me, it would be awful to feel alone in all of this. We have good people in our city and thinking human beings and we just need to push back and call them out on their wrongdoings.

Do you think they like being ridiculed? Leonard was already complaining that Mayor was not treated with dignity and respect. .
so we cannot let up. I don't think they like being called out and the way they are going, we need investigative reporters hounding them, however, since they are scarce, the people will have to do it.

No respect needs to be shown them anymore.
Glad for the blog Jack.

I like Eric H.'s secede idea.

This is becoming ever important as the economy worldwide is problematic.

gaye, you mentioned your husband now coming around on this, I think more and more people are aware now. I have to admit it is angst feeling, but we have to carry on, what else can we do? We cannot let them take our spirit too.

I like the idea of reporters to hound them, but where? I watch KGW pitch slow down the center of the pike questions to the kiddies of kiddie hall all the time. The Zero is the worst joke of a paper of record in the country. And WWeek is not about to win any more Pultizers in the near future and the Merc is a lame joke. So where does journalistic moxie exist in the town to go after the hard facts?

Old media (Oregonian, WW, KGW, KOIN, KATU) is dead. The only places where there is anything like effective journalism is in the blogs, fueled by intelligent blog meisters weilding the Oregon Public REcords Act as the primary tool.

Some perfesser type at the L&C law skool has one which is interesting.

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