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Friday, September 24, 2010

Now that Craigslist doesn't take hookers any more...

... no doubt they'll be back out on the streets.

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Our mayor has another #1 rating to brag about.

You can also thank the progressive blue Oregon types for getting rid of the prostitution exclusion zones.

Prostitution between consenting adults should be decriminalized. Again, get government out of people's private lives. It is the oldest profession so income taxes should be collected and health measures should be better managed. Minors are another story.... and those predators deserve... well... what I think is not printable on Jack's site.

LucsAdvo - prostitution between consenting adults is fine and dandy if you don't live in their combat area. I live close to both Sandy and 82nd, and it's not uncommon to find used condoms and/or needles in the streets, especially on weekend mornings. And it's not uncommon to be accosted by those looking for "consenting" partners - a few years ago, I was walking home at night from the Safeway on Sandy, in a raincoat with the hood up, carrying a couple bags of groceries, when a car followed me until I yelled at him. My regret was not getting his license plate number first before I yelled at him and he screeched off.

As to the child sex trade - I'm with you on the imaginative and painful punishments.

Umpire, if it were legalized, it would be a business and subject to zoning and it might look a lot like Amsterdam or Nevada. That means it would not be street trade like it is on 82nd or other parts of the City of Thorns. There would likely be a "red light" district and hopefully people being accosted by morons who are too dumb or lazy to go to the right places and people would not happen.

Hey, here's a ticket for the developer weasels. An "adult entertainment" condo area... it could be known as the "Hot Spot".

if it were legalized, it would be a business and subject to zoning and it might look a lot like Amsterdam or Nevada.

Think of the development fees!!

LOL none

"it might look a lot like Amsterdam or Nevada"

You've obviously never been to Las Vegas, where a walk between casinos includes being accosted by the "pimps with postcards" along every street...even if you have children walking with you.

Our Supreme Court has had a hand in this, so to speak.

The whole idea of taking children to a place like Vegas in the first place is absurd. Why a place that was set aside as an adult Disneyland, way away from everyone, would turn around and try to become a "family friendly" vacation destination is totally beyond me.

I'm sorry, but you might as well criminalize alcohol or for that matter, marijuana. Look at the incredible waste of taxpayer resources that prohibition was and is.

It's a matter of malum in se as opposed to malum prohibitum, really.

Prostitution has gone on for millenia, and it will be going on long after every single person reading this is dust. Them's the facts, and nothing will ever change this. Regulate it, rigorously check the whores for diseases and establish an area far away from families and children for the degenerates to go indulge in their vices in...and tax the hell out of it every step of the way. That tax money could then be specifically set aside to prosecute those who traffic in child prostitution and methamphetamines, stuff like that.

Forcing Craigslist to shut down its "adult services" section might have been a very short-sighted move by the attorneys general. Instead of advertising on-line, where the police can easily monitor the dozens, maybe even hundreds, of underage prostitutes, the hookers now will be going out in the streets--and be harder to track down. And with more prostitutes on the streets, the livability of those neighborhoods surrounding such strolls as 82nd Ave. will deteriorate.

John Fairplay is right (I live in Las Vegas, 4 minutes from The Strip)... even when CL allowed prostitute ads on their site, there were still PLENTY of people walking The Blvd. handing out "business cards" to EVERYONE.

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