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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Mudpit Oswego

They're draining the lake down in the Portland 'burb for a new sewer project. It says here they'll be "trucking sediment" in October. I wonder where to. Speaking of which, has anybody seen whether Portland's started scooping the poop out of the Laurelhurst Park duck pond and trucking it to the Cully neighborhood "park site"?

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The digging has started albeit at a very slow pace. Lot's of debris yet to pull out.It seems like they waited a long time to get going.

There is no limit to the money spent on Lake Oswego. Please not the giant underwater aereators previously installed to reduce the algal and weed content of the lake. It will be interesting to see the lake at it's lowest part. I would like to see the big trout and sturgeon that aren't supposed to be there.

Jack, here's the link to the Cully Newsletter about the status:


Also, it was reported that this is saving the Cully community $200,000...which is what it would have cost for fertilizer.

I just love it. The city craps on the Cully neighborhood, tells them it is fertilizer and pays them off with a million dollar bike path for Alameda yuppies that the poor Cully Hispanics aren’t going to use. Pity the poor immigrant mother with her kids trying to walk on that path to go to Albertsons and get bombed by a bunch of butt holes going 30 miles per hour on their road bikes. Hey, but they get a park with buried toxins. That will stop illegal immigration.

John Benton: Due to city neglect, the "poor immigrant mother with her kids" headed down Cully Boulevard to Albertson's has been forced to walk on the freaking roadway -- there's been no sidewalk and little in the way of shoulder. My guess is Mom will be overjoyed with the path, which will mean she might have 25-pound bicycles going 30 mph (actually, probably less) whistling by her instead of two-ton vehicles going 30 (actually, probably a lot faster).

Pete, spending $250K for an engineering study and a million for the bike path improvement could have gone a much longer way of providing sidewalks all over the neighborhood in the Cully area instead of that half mile gold plated bike path. My criticism is about screwing the neighborhood not about depriving it.

With no lake, it reverts to the old name: Sucker Creek.

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