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Thursday, September 30, 2010

More fun and games in the multi-modal mecca

Every day, another inspiring story.

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34 years old. Absolutely astonishing.


Not at all.

The majority of cyclists I see routinely display a degree of immaturity, arrogance, self rightousness and sense of entitlement of which this bozo is an all too common example.

Sounds like you just described Mr. Entitlement himself, Great Leader with Big Ideas.

This rather makes the case for dedicated homeless/bicycle lanes.

Then there's this guy...

The majority of cyclists I see routinely display a degree of immaturity, arrogance, self rightousness and sense of entitlement of which this bozo is an all too common example.


Dear Creepy,

Despite measure to combat it, bike theft is still rampant in Amsterdam. If someone approaches you on the street to try and sell you a cheap bike, you can be sure that it was only recently stolen. If the police catch you buying such a bike you will be fined €160.

The locals try and prevent their bikes from being stolen by using two or more good locks. Those locks have to be applied in such as way that every part of the bike is attached to something else. If you make the mistake of, for example, only securing your front wheel, this is bound to happen.


Speaking of bikes in Amsterdam. Be careful what you wish for:


When will the bicycle riding fools in this town realize that they will ALWAYS lose in a bike v automobile altercation. I blame "Mayor" Creepy 100% for all the child like behaivor by the biking fools.

Lt. Kelli Sheffer said that all commuters should call the police for an investigation if they believe a road violation occurs or if a crime is committed

Ha ha ha ha ha.

Realistically, what were those victims of the biker's rage to effectively do? Describe their assailant as some dirty white kid on a bike? That'll narrow it down to a few hundred at any given moment.

Get ready for the no-bid CoP bicycle licensing franchise!

Go by Batmobile.

Still nothing about this on bikeportland.org. Weird. Cause they're usually johnny-on-the-spot about "aggressive" cagers.(drivers) Publishing names, addresses and phone numbers. Hmm.

The whole "cager" meme shows a snot-nosed attitude.

Go by Batmobile.

What, you mean this?

I know 15 year old boys with more self control than that.

Why are there so many man-boys in Portland? It's like Arrested Development is being put in the water or something.

Am I the only one who gets why this guy's last name being "Glans" is so funny? I mean, it could only get funnier if his first name was "Dick".

Better yet, Peter.

Prompted by a post above, I visited "Portlandbike.org", and found a really interesting feature there about PBOT's mis-use of the "sharrow" markings on bicycle boulevards. In there attempts to make our city more bicycle friendly, the opposite is happening. The more the put bikes in the way of motor vehicle traffic, expect increased conflict, injuries and deaths.

I visited "Portlandbike.org",

No, you didn't.

>>"The majority of cyclists I see routinely display a degree of immaturity, arrogance, self rightousness and sense of entitlement of which this bozo is an all too common example."

The majority? I have been an every-day bike commuter for five years, and most of my commute is on well-traveled, highly-populated bike routes (downtown, Broadway Bridge, Williams/Vancouver). I see a lot of cyclist behavior. I submit that the majority of cyclists behave exactly as you would hope -- they obey traffic laws, don't ride aggressively, use hand signals and lights, etc. A minority will run a red light or stop sign if they think "the coast is clear." (Whether that reflects sociopathic anarchism, as some frequent commenters here seem to think, is an issue for another time.) A much smaller minority demonstrates the kind of behavior you're talking about. Deeming it to be the behavior of the majority just reflects your confirmation bias.

>>"I blame 'Mayor' Creepy 100% for all the child like behavior by the biking fools."

Nope, sorry. Idiots are idiots, whoever is in office. Plenty of better things to blame Sam for.

The reader comments on the story on bikeportland.org are overwhelmingly critical of the a-hole cyclist.

Just sayin'.

I am with matt , I walk NW PDX every day and see hundreds of cyclists riding politely and safely. No piling on kids , tarring all bikers , that is only showing your colors. This guy was a prick and should get a nice orange outfit.

None of us were there to observe this incident, yet many in here have an absolute certainty about what happened. Maybe the guy in the van was an a-hole and deserved a loogie shot his way. It takes a big man to run down a guy on a bike. But once again, how do we know what really happened here? It doesn't seem rational to make snap judgments without all the information.

The Oregonian follow-up article suggests this guy is just a skate-freak with Peter Pan syndrome.

Which begs the question, shouldn't he work at City Hall?

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