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Friday, September 3, 2010

Mmmmm... pork

Those tighty-righty troublemakers over at Oregon Politico, who have been posting government bureaucrat salaries and benefits for a while now, have just branched out into Oregon state government contracts. Check it out -- a billion, literally, for Cisco Systems; at least $620.5 million for U.S. Bank; another $230 million for Hoffman Construction. Cha-ching, cha-ching, cha-ching! Good thing there's never any graft in Oregon; where I came from, the kickback was traditionally 10%.

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re: kickbacks
I guess Immelt doesn't opperate in a back water like Oregon.

And they say pork is lean.

(Kickbacks) If that was Oregon's problem that would be a relief.

We know where Sustainable Susan would stand on this: "Not being overly fond of pig products beyond banks and plush Piglet dolls ..."

I must be missing something, because I am not sure this says much of anything.

Afterall, look at our own individual purchases of supplies and services. Cisco routers and what not are in our computer equipment we buy. Intel chips are definitely inside. Hewlett Packard puts the computer together. We use U.S bank credit cards. Surely when it comes to the government, we don't expect government to produce its own supplies from scratch, or do we?

The devil is in the details of each of these contracts. But usually you only need to concentrate on the large dollar specialized items.

Bob: That Cisco spending represents about 2 percent of the state all funds budget.

I'm guessing the Cisco contract is multi-year. Still a large amount, but probably not two percent.

Why wouldn't the state try to get a community bank to do the work of "purchasing card services" instead of B of A? Seems like state money would do better in the state? Or is that too profound?


Hey, they're doing the work that none of Oregon's finest "journalists" will do.

Never forget the words of noted plagiarist Jonathan Nicholas, who - when asked why he got into journalism - replied "I wanted to make a difference".

Note that he didn't want to find and report news, which is what journalists are supposed to do.

The only actual journalist we have in the Portland area today works over at WW, and we're darned lucky to have him.

Those "tightie-righties" may not be "journalists" - but maybe they don't want the stain that so often accompanies that term today.

Max - The dishonest, scurvy trash that works for Faux News and that ilk make up news to suit themselves. Don't delude yourself.

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